US Billboard spotlighted iKON’s new song ‘GOODBYE ROAD’, evaluating that the song has one of the saddest vibes of all time.

On October 3 (local time), Billboard spotlighted iKON’s comeback by releasing an article titled, ‘iKON Get Reflective in ‘Goodbye Road’ Video: Watch’.

Billboard introduced ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ by writing, “The song follows the success of ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ and ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ and contains one of the saddest vibes of all time”. They added, “The 7 members of iKON lyrically discuss the topic of farewell with rap and vocals, on top of a combination rhythmical beat and bass strings”.

Billboard analyzed specific points in detail by writing, “The members do wonders in expressing the lyrics that state, ‘Goodbye, walk only the flower road after leaving me through the harsh goodbye road. Take care, remove all memories of me while you walk the lonely goodbye road’”.

On the MV for the song, Billboard explained, “Both dramatic and contemplating scenes were added throughout the MV along with happy memories and choreography that matches the theme”. They continued, “The choreography of the song where members make a hand move of saying ‘goodbye’ perfectly expresses the lyrics of the song”.

Furthermore, they also explained, “Member B.I participated in the writing and composing of all 4 tracks in the group’s latest mini album ‘NEW KIDS: THE FINAL’, which serves as the final of the ‘NEW KIDS’ series that started with ‘NEW KIDS: BEGIN’ released last year on May and ‘NEW KIDS: CONTINUE’ released this year on August.

iKON proved their influence in music charts by topping various Korean real-time music charts as soon as their new album was released. The group also proved their global power by topping iTunes Comprehensive Album Charts in 25 countries including Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Greece, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

iKON’s new mini album ‘NEW KIDS : THE FINAL’ is also shaking up the music industry in Japan. Their latest album topped the Comprehensive Rankings, K-Pop Rankings, and Pop Rankings of Japan iTunes. Furthermore, the song topped China QQ Music’s K-POP MV Chart and Kugou’s K-POP New Releases Chart, proving the group’s popularity in the Chinese region.

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