Will SEUNGRI be able to save YG Entertainment from crisis. The story is fiction, but we should pay attention if the program’s success will positively impact YG’s stock prices. The fact that ‘business man SEUNGRI’ and producer Park Junsu who started fake documentaries through Mnet ‘God of Music’ is raising anticipation on the upcoming show.

The program will premiere through NETFLIX. It will cover the story of SEUNGRI who gets demoted to YG’s Strategic Data Headquarters, but struggles hard to save YG Entertainment and get back to the president’s arms.

The press conference for ‘YG Electronics’ was held on October 1, 11 AM in JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square, Seoul. SEUNGRI ran a presentation on the behind story of the program’s birth and vision prior to tue press conference, gathering the attention of viewers.

SEUNGRI grabbed everyone’s attention with his opening, “YG is currently in crisis”. He continued, “Due to BIGBANG members’ enlistments and various issues regarding YG artists, we are in crisis. It’s said that YANG HYUN SUK keeps whiskey with him at all times, due to JYP’s market cap”, making everyone burst into laughter. He added, “We’ve thought hard to recoup YG from crisis. That’s why I decided to become the supervisor for YG Electronics”. 

He stated “We’ve done our best in filming the show. I am confident to say that the show will be fun to watch. NETFLIX is working with us since they think this will work. I believe it. I waited for the premiere, since I was looking forward to our hard work. It makes me nervous, yet excited”. 

SEUNGRI added, “I’ve been through a lot, after 13 years in the entertainment industry. Being a member of BIGBANG gave me survival instincts, which is the reason why the president told me, ‘It’s now time for SEUNGRI to take on sone work’. That’s how I got to be part of the project”. He continued, “‘YG Entertainment’ was produced with importance. YG without BIGBANG now needs something fresh and new”.

PD Park Junsu who directed the show is a maestro of fake documentaries, known for producing ‘God of Music’. He explained, “I’ve been steadily working on caricaturing the dark side of the entertainment industry. 

To me, YG Entertainment had the corresponding dark side. I planned the program after imagining an important division in YG, like the future strategies department in Samsung Electronics. I originally chose YANG HYUN SUK as the main character, but he instantly refused. Some earlier programs didn’t do so well, so he recommended SEUNGRI, who resembles him the most”.

SEUNGRI emphasized, “It’s based on a true story. I wondered if it would be okay to talk about these things while I was acting. I was worried, but felt comfortable while acting. It was because the events actually happened. The acting is real”.

He made a joke about the cast by explaining, “YOO BYUNG JAE, JINU, and LEE JAIJIN took part. They have low salaries within the agency. We cut down labor costs and put more budget on the quality. I also participated at family price”, making everyone burst into laughter.

The story seems to be interesting. SEUNGRI stated, “I was surprised after reading the script. It contained sensitive issues, so I asked the producer, ‘Would it be okay’. He responded, ‘What’s wrong about talking about things people already know’, and I agreed. I decided to do my best to make it interesting if I’m going to do it anyway. The show will contain internal stories that will make the viewers feel, ‘Is it really okay to talk about it?’.

PD Park Junsu added, “President YANG HYUN SUK implicitly gave me permission while I also determined to resign from the agency. That’s why everything was possible. The writers did a great job in writing the script. I would like to express my gratitude. I was really nervous, due to all the tiptoeing around. I’m still ready to get scolded”.

Meanwhile, ‘YG Electronics’ will premiere on the 5th as a NETFLIX Original Series.


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