YG Entertainment’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK revealed plans regarding YG’s artists including SECHSKIES, MINO, WINNER, and iKON.

On October 30, representative YANG HYUN SUK mentioned plans regarding SECHSKIES through YG Entertainment’s official blog. He wrote, “There have been 3 teams recruited from outside of YG for the past 22 years, and SECHSKIES is one of them”. He added, “SECHSKIES is going through times of confusion due to an unexpected event that occurred recently”.

He continued, “I’ve been avoiding talking to the members regarding the subject since it may be burdensome for them with concert schedules coming up” and continued, “I plan to discuss the group’s new project, which is currently on halt, along with future countermeasures”. YANG HYUN SUK also added that “EUN JIWON’s solo album is currently being recorded in addition to the upcoming project by SECHSKIES”.

Regarding WINNER MINO’s first solo album, representative YANG revealed, “The recording for the album is complete, but there were difficulties in determining the release date. We’ve finalized the date to November 26, after WINNER’s last overseas concert to be held on November 24”. He also mentioned plans of WINNER by writing, “WINNER will release their 3rd official album after MINO completes his activities for his first solo album. Detailed information including WINNER’s encore concert in Korea will be delivered through further notice in the future”.

Lastly, representative YANG HYUN SUK discussed iKON’s plans for the remaining 2018 by writing, “The group will end this year by releasing the NEW KIDS repackage album on December 31 and will start a new project for next year”. He added, “The NEW KIDS repackage album will contain a new song and a music video, but we’re not planning on any official promotion or music broadcast activities”.

Representative YANG HYUN SUK has previously mentioned his plan to launch ‘YG Treasure Box’, a new boy group survival program by YG Entertainment, on the 29th. ‘YG Treasure Box’ will reveal all male trainees of YG who haven’t been revealed to the public and will follow the legacy of YG’s boy groups including BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON, who have been selected through the agency’s own survival program.

Regarding the upcoming program, representative YANG HYUN SUK revealed specific plans by writing, “There are 29 male trainees in YG, from ages 14 to 19. The viewers’ evaluation and selection will be monitored and be applied to the selection criteria. The selection criteria will be the same as that of BLACKPINK. Talent and skills are necessities, and individuals who also have external appeal and star qualities will be selected”.

As representative YANG HYUN SUK reveals specific plans regarding artists of YG and a program launch to select members for a new boy group, people are eager to see whether ‘YG’s Treasure Box’, which has been bringing people’s curiosities, will finally be open for the public.


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