YG YANG HYUN SUK, “iKON’s ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ is My Favorite→’ADORE YOU’, Another Hidden Great Song”


YG Entertainment’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK supported iKON’s new release.

On October 2, YANG HYUN SUK wrote, “#iKON #ADORE_YOU #YG’s another hidden, great song” on his social media account.

He also uploaded a screenshot of ‘ADORE YOU’ from iKON’s new mini album ‘NEW KIDS : THE FINAL’ being streamed from his phone.

Producer YANG HYUN SUK has been actively promoting iKON’s comeback. He previously raised the fans’ expectations by writing, “Returning my Chuseok holidays to work on editing the mix and MV for iKON. GOODBYE ROAD is my personal favorite”.

Thanks to YANG’s support, iKON swept various charts as soon as ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ was released. On October 2, ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ topped a total of 6 charts including Bugs, Mnet, Olleh, Genie, Soribada, and Melon, which is Korea’s largest music streaming platform. ‘GOODBYE ROAD’, the final of the group’s ‘break-up trilogy’ containing autumn vibes, broke the brick wall chart filled with strong contenders.

Reactions from overseas are also explosive. iKON’s ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ topped iTunes Album Charts in 25 different countries including Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Greece, Hong Kong, and Indonesia, surpassing the group’s previous record of topping charts in 24 countries with the song ‘KILLING ME’. Furthermore, the song topped China QQ Music’s K-POP MV Chart and Kugou’s K-POP New Releases Chart, proving the group’s strong presence in China. The song also topped iTunes Japan.

‘GOODBYE ROAD’ is a song that illustrates lost love after the flower road times. The song competed for the title with ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ while iKON was working on their 2nd album, but had to wait for a year since it perfectly fits the vibes of autumn. The song was written by B.I and BOBBY, while B.I, YG’s producing team FUTURE BOUNCE, and Bekuh BOOM composed the track.

Furthermore, songs including ‘ADORE YOU’, ‘DON’T LET ME KNOW’, and ‘PERFECT’ were also ranked high in music charts, proving iKON’s influence. iKON’s earlier hits from this year including ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ and ‘KILLING ME’ are also still ranked in various charts.

iKON successfully repaid producer YANG HYUN SUK’s support and trust. The will perform ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ for the first time since making comeback on broadcast, through MBC ‘Show! Music Core’.

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