‘Solo Debut’ MINO, “Sampling ‘Soyanggang Maid’ was YANG HYUN SUK’s Idea… It’s Amazing”


WINNER’s member MINO revealed, “Sampling ‘Soyanggang Maid’ was president YANG HYUN SUK’s idea”. 

MINO revealed his thoughts on making his solo debut through the interview held to celebrate the release of his first solo album ‘XX’, on November 26 in X ACADEMY. 

MINO will release ‘XX’ in all music platforms at 6 PM and actively promote his new album. His upcoming album is receiving a lot of attention music fans, since it will be his first-ever solo album being released in 4 years after making debut as a member of WINNER back in 2014. 

The album contains a total of 12 tracks including the title song ‘FIANCÉ’, ‘TRIGGER’, ‘HOPE’, ‘O2’, ‘ROCKET’, ‘UM…’, ‘LONELY’, ‘AURORA’, ‘her’, ‘AGREE’, ‘BOW-WOW’, and ‘ALARM’. MINO revealed his musical caliber by writing, composing, and producing all tracks from the album. Producers including KANG UK JIN, FUTURE BOUNCE, TEXU, 1105, MILLENNIUM, CHOICE37, Diggy, AiRPLAY, HAE participated in the creation of the album to add more completion. 

The title song ‘FIANCÉ’ was written by MINO, while producers FUTURE BOUNCE and TEXU participated as co-composers. The variations on rhythm and the familiar melody will sound fresh to the listeners, while the catchy melody and lyrics of the hook will grab the listeners’ ears. The song samples a 70s hit-song titled ‘Soyanggang Maid’, and trendily integrates familiar old trot with fierce Hip-Hop.  

MINO stated, “I’m finally releasing my first solo album, and honestly I feel dazzled. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, worked on it for a long time, put a lot of effort, but I can’t believe it’s finally coming out. I’m excited and dazzled at the same time. It’s different from when I’m releasing an album as WINNER. I used to make music by myself even before I came to YG, so my solo album’s being released in a very long time, which makes me feel nervous”. 

On the question that asked the reason why he sampled ‘Soyanggang Maid’, MINO explained, “I didn’t think about sampling the song at first. I didn’t have that idea initially but when I chose ‘FIANCÉ’ as the title and was working on completing the song, the president (YANG HYUN SUK) gave me the idea of sampling ‘Soyanggang Maid’, and I thought it would be great. So, I sampled the song with the co-composer and it fit in very well, and that’s how it progressed”. 

On the title of the song ‘FIANCÉ’, MINO revealed, “I didn’t really think about the dictionary definition. I didn’t work on the song while thinking of it as the title song, but I wanted to give it a fresh approach. I thought, I worked on a song incorporating trot music, so what would be a title that would emphasize that aspect and thought of fiancé. It has many dictionary definitions but the message of the song itself is reminiscing about the person I keep thinking about”. 

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