YG is on a winning streak.

Artists of YG Entertainment captivated the K-Pop scene this year from Spring until the end of the year. They are continuously achieving success as members and as solo artists, while achieving all-kill in music charts. As the comeback by artists will continue until the end of next month, people are wondering what kind of results they will achieve.

While BLACKPINK’s JENNIE not only achieved an all-kill on Korean music charts but also set milestones with her debut solo single ‘SOLO’, WINNER’s MINO received the next baton. The title song ‘FIANCÉ’ from his first solo album ‘XX’ topped not only 6 Korean music charts but also topped iTunes charts in 17 different regions. The successful results are fabulously decorating the year-end of YG.  

The artists of YG are leading the K-Pop Scene with amazing results. From iKON’s mega-hit to BLACKPINK and WINNER’s success, and the achievements of JENNIE and MINO as solo artists are making a statement.


# iKON’s mega-hit, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’

iKON started the year with an all-kill on music charts. iKON achieved huge success by releasing ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ on January. They achieved a record long-run in boy group history. They maintained their top position for 40 consecutive days. It became an opportunity for iKON to jot only increase their fandom, but also let the public recognize the group and their music.

‘LOVE SCENARIO’ received unprecedented popularity among elementary and kindergarten children, creating a ‘sing-along’ wave. They continued by releasing songs ‘KILLING ME’ and ‘GOODBYE ROAD’, marking their presence even further among the public. The group is still gathering attention as they plan to make another comeback during the end of next month.

# BLACKPINK→JENNIE, a successful solo debut

BLACKPINK also marked their presence as a group prior to JENNIE’s solo debut. Following iKON’s ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, BLACKPINK’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ also became a mega-hit. The song not only dominated Korean charts, but also received heated support from global fans.

‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ is still continuing to set milestones, even though the promotion period for the song has ended. The MV for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ has surpassed 50 million views as of November 25, 4 PM, setting the fastest and highest record in K-Pop girl group history. This proved BLACKPINK’s consistent popularity not only in Korea, but also worldwide.

Following BLACKPINK’s success, people are paying attention to the solo debut by the members as well, which started with NENNIE. JENNIE released her first solo single ‘SOLO’ on the 12th and achieved an all-kill status on music charts. She received positive reviews for her charms and musical calibre, while JENNIE also topped the iTunes Worldwide Song Chart for the first time as a Korean female solo artist. The results were more meaningful since solo artists tend to have a smaller share in Korean charts compared to groups.

# WINNER→MINO as a solo artist

YG’s success hit full bloom with MINO, following JENNIE’s success. WINNER previously achieved success on April by releasing ‘EVERYDAY’, on par with their last year’s hit-song, ‘REALLY REALLY’. MINO then topped music charts with his solo album, continuing WINNER’s success.

The result is more meaningful since MINO participated in the writing, composing, and producing of all tracks from his album ‘XX’. He was credited as a writer, composer, and producer, appealing his talent as a solo artist. In addition, he also included his emotions as an artist as he is known to have talent in painting as well. His presence is beginning to shine as the album achieved successful results as well. 

From full team activities to solo acts by JENNIE and MINO, YG is on a winning streak. As the agency has revealed plans of WINNER and iKON’s comeback in the end of the year, people are wondering how the following up artists will perform after JENNIE and MINO’s success.

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