Local celebrities visited iKON’s first-ever concert in the Philippines, proving the group’s global popularity.

iKON held the ‘iKON 2018 [CONTINUE] TOUR IN MANILA’ on the 11th in Mall of Asia, located in Manila, Philippines. As they prove iKON’s heated popularity overseas, the arrival section of the airport was filled with fans who came to welcome iKON, despite the late hours. The fans also prepared a special event by screening a video of iKON through MoA (Mall of Asia) Globamaze and the outer lighting screen of the concert venue.

On the date of the concert, the well-known basketball player named Doug Kramer visited the fan as iKON’s fan along with his wife Chesca Garcia and his two daughters, while receiving the spotlight. Vice Ganda, the Filipino artist and broadcaster, and actor James Son also came to watch iKON perform.

Despite the hot weather on the date of the concert, the fans starting lining up early to purchase iKON goods. The area around the concert venue was filled with not only female fans but also male fans and fans in family unit with children, proving iKON’s broad fan base. The fans wore red outfits and cheering tools with the members’ names written on them, heating up the area even before the concert began.

iKONIC Philippines, who filled up the 3-story concert venue, welcomed iKON’s first visit to the Philippines by yelling out the names of seven members. iKON started the concert by performing ‘BLING BLING’ and continued with songs ‘SINOSIJAK’ and ‘RHYTHM TA’, presenting the group’s charismatic aura. The fans responded with a loud roar and heated support. iKON fascinated the fans with their stable live performance skills, despite the strong moves and fierce rapping.

JAY stated, “I have many ties with the Philippines. I was here for a while in high school, and I have so many good memories. My condition was great before arriving in Manila”, revealing his special affections towards the Philippines. The group continued by performing ‘Cocktail’ and ‘ONLY YOU’ in the stage decorated with a beach party concept, while presenting their fresh vocals.

BOBBY and B.I ran a ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ sing-along battle, making the show more interesting. When the song ‘BIRTHDAY’ with exciting and witty vibes came out, the fans became one with iKON by standing up and jumping together, as if they were waiting for that specific moment.

When iKON started performing ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, the global mega-hit song that topped music charts for 43 consecutive days, the fans’ heated reactions and cheers reached its climax, heating up the entire venue. The local fans happily sang-along to the song from start to finish, in accurate Korean pronunciation.

BOBBY expressed his gratitude by stating, “Thank you for making us good memories”, while the members could bot hide their surprises when the fans reacted with a huge roar when SONG induced the fans to cheer.

iKONIC Philippines also gifted iKON an unforgettable memory by singing ‘DON’T FORGET’ while creating rainbow lights with their phones prior to the encore performances. The fans also made iKON burst into laughter by waving slogans with witty phrases written on them.

DK stated, “We’re touched that so many fans have visited our concert, although it was our first time visiting Manila”. iKON and iKONIC Philippines treasured the moment together by taking pictures side to side.

iKON also prepared special fan services, by eye-contacting with the fans and communicating with them at a closer range during the encore performances. The fans yelled ‘I love you’ towards the fans in loud voices, revealing their infinite affections towards the fans. The audiences yelled ‘encore’ even after the encore performances have ended in a passionate atmosphere, and sighed when the announcement noticed the end of the concert.

While bringing waves to various countries in Asia, iKON will decorate the finale of the group’s world tour after performing in Jakarta on the 18th and in Hong Kong on the 25th. iKON, who won 19 trophies in music broadcasts this year with the fans’ support, will continue their activities by releasing a repackage album during the end of the year and holding an encore concert in Seoul on January, 2019.

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