BANG YE DAM and PARK JEONG WOO with the best vocal talent among YG trainees will battle each other.

The preview for the 2nd episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ has been revealed today(22nd) through VLIVE(V App) at 11 AM. The video displayed the performances of BANG YE DAM from Treasure A and PARK JEONG WOO from Treasure C which grabbed the viewers’ attention through the previous preview of episode 2. 

YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK stated, “Let’s make the strongest ones battle” while revealing his plan to make BANG YE DAM and PARK JEONG WOO battle, surprising the other trainees. He continued, “YE DAM is in the top class no matter what people say. Who can threaten his top position?”, and introduced PARK JEONG WOO.

BANG YE DAM performed his self-composed track titled ‘BLACK SWAN’, reviling his astonishing vocals along with his relaxed composure. He captivated the entire monthly evaluations scene with his given talent and 6 years of training as a trainee of YG after winning 2nd place on ‘K-Pop Star 2’.

PARK JEONG WOO also grabbed the audiences’ ears with his vocals on par with BANG YE DAM. Despite being a member of Treasure C, the youngest group, he presented soulful and deep vocals. Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK listened to the song with his eyes closed, while the other trainees including BANG YE DAM were touched by his vocals.

Treasure A with BANG YE DAM is a group with trainees with an average of 4 years of training, that have matured talents as much as their long training period. The members include BANG YE DAM, CHOI HYUN SUK, LEE BYOUNG GON, KIM JUN KYU, KIM SEUNG HUN, KIM DO YOUNG, and LEE MI DAM.

Treasure C with PARK JEONG WOO who performed as the main vocal is a group with an average age of 14.4 The group is composed of trainees with a lot of potential despite their young age. The members include PARK JEONG WOO, LEE IN HONG, JUNG JUN HYUK, SO JUNG HWAN, YUN SI YUN, KIM JONG SEOB, and KIM YEON GUE.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ is a survival program to select members for a new idol group that will follow the legacy of BIGBANG, WINER, and iKON in 4 years. The program will select members among 29 trainees and will present YG’s differentiated production know-hows and internal system accumulated for the past 22 years. 

The program will be consisted of 10 episodes, while the 2nd episode will pre-release on the 23rd at 10 PM through VLIVE and air on the same night at 12 AM through JTBC2 and YouTube.

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