‘YG TREASURE BOX’ hit the jackpot in 2 episodes.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’, being released through global new-media platforms, is becoming the center of attention in and out of Korea. As of November 25, ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ surpassed a total of 18 million views on VLIVE and YouTube. The number of followers surpassed 200 thousand, while the number of ‘likes’ on VLIVE reached 300 million. The results were achieved in just 2 episodes, after the program’s first premiere on the 16th.

The fact that the viewer distribution was higher in countries including Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand than Korea also proved the program’s global popularity. The viewers are already forming fandoms for the trainees, which is earlier than expected. The view counts on individual interviews, profiles, and special videos are rapidly increasing as much as the main episodes.

The second episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’, released while receiving the spotlight, started its extreme survival battle. With the surprise appearance of Treasure J, the trainees went through fierce individual evaluations. The first monthly evaluation rakings were way different from what was expected, which shocked the viewers and fans

▼ HARUTO, the Visual Leader

HARUTO, who manages visuals in Treasure J with trainees who beat a competition rate of 5000:1, presented looks like a character from a romance comic. HARUTO’s mother is an enthusiastic fan of BIGBANG who possesses numerous goods of BIGBANG, and HARUTO also applied for the audition to be like BIGBANG. Unlike his baby face as a 12-year old, HARUTO has high dance skills, and is currently a trainee with both performance skills and visuals.

SEUNGRI made a surprise visit on HARUTO’s family during SEUNGRI’s Japan concert scene, as HARUTO attended the concert with his family before coming to Korea. SEUNGRI started out by stating, “He’s so good looking!” and advised, “It hard being a trainee, right? I had a lot of complaints, but now I feel like that was all out of affection, so don’t be discouraged even if you get scolded and criticized”.   

▼ No Exception on BANG YE DAM

BANG YE DAM and CHOI HYUN SUK with biggest fandoms and the biggest praises received bad reviews during the following individual evaluations and were told to work harder. BANG YE DAM was regarded as the representative vocalist among the trainees but was reviewed, “You became normal”, and lost his no. 1 spot which was highly expected. 

YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK told CHOI HYUN SUK, “You have too much MSG! Your motion comes out before your rap sometimes” and pointed out, “There may be no members from the A team who make it to the debut group. You guys should really stay alert”.

▼ The Unexpected New Face

On the contrary, trainees who captured representative YANG’s heart rose as the new ‘dark horses’. Representative YANG made a challenge of making JUNG JUN KYUK rap in front of CHOI HYUN SUK during the individual evaluations. The trainees were surprised at the unexpected situation, while JUNG JUN HYUK proved his boldness by presenting outstanding skills without being flustered. 

JUNG JUN HYUK also provoked CHOI HYUN SUK in the end by rapping, “There’s a lot of rappers around. But don’t ever compare yourself with me”, heating up the monthly evaluation scene. 

Trainee WANG JYUN HAO also grabbed representative YANG’s heart with his soft vocals and fatal eyes. He also revealed his unexpected charms by shyly smiling right after his fierce performance in front of representative YANG. Trainee PARK JEONG WOO also proved his robust vocals by achieving a draw on his battle with BANG YE DAM. Representative YANG was surprised and humorously asked, “You have good power and good emotions! Where are you from?”, while PARK JEONG WOO wittily responded, “Iksan, Jeollabuk-do”. 

The trainees of Treasure A could not hide their surprises when the rankings were announced after the first monthly evaluations. Unlike the expectations that Treasure A will fill up the high ranks, BANG YE DAM was ranked at no. 4 as the highest ranked member of Treasure A. JUNG JUN HYUK took the no. 1 spot, PARK JEONG WOO was placed at no. 2, while WANG JYUN HAO was placed at no. 3, noticing a fiercer competition coming ahead. 

‘YG TREASURE BOX’, composed of a total of 10 episodes, pre-releases through VLIVE (V App) every Friday night at 10 PM and airs through JTBC2 and YouTube on the same night at 12 AM

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