‘YG Treasure Box’ Opened… 7 Trainees Including BANG YE DAM Revealed for the First Time


The ‘YG Treasure Box’ finally started to unveil.

After YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK noticed the premiere of ‘YG Treasure Box’, the survival program to select members for YG’s new boy group following BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON on the 16th, 7 trainees among a total of 29 were revealed for the first time through V LIVE and YouTube.

The videos revealed on the 5th included the details, introduction, and performance clips of the 7 trainees from group A, including BANG YE DAM who won 2nd place on SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ Season 3 as a 12-year old boy.

Group A is composed of trainees with relatively long term trainee experiences. Besides BANG YE DAM who has been a trainee for 6 years, KIM SEUNG HUN introduced himself as a ‘trainee maestro’ who has trained for 9 years.

The 7 trainees included CHOI HYUN SUK, LEE BYUNG GON, and KIM JUN KYU who participated in MIXNINE, and also unfamiliar trainees including KIM SEUNG HUN, KIM DO YOUNG, and LEE MI DAM.

They are members who presented themselves through a program that selected members for JYP’s new boy group last year. Trainee KIM SEUNG HUN who has been a trainee for 9 years received praises from Park Jinyoung, gathering the viewers’ attention.

Starting from today, YG Entertainment will reveal all 29 trainees, from the 8th for the next 4 days.

It is expected that the agency will reveal the trainees’ skills and capabilities through short introductions and performance clips prior to the broadcast and start an extensive survival competition on the first episode of ‘YG Treasure Box’, next week on the 16th. 

#17 in no time, BANG YE DAM

The trainee who received the most attention is BANG YE DAM, who turned 17 in no time. He earned public recognition by winning 2nd place on ‘K-Pop Star’ back in 2013, and his whereabouts were always in the center of attention in the K-Pop scene. The video of his mellow performance revealed last year reached 20 million views, marking him as a strong candidate among all trainees.

BANG YE DAM chose his addictive voice as his charming point and stated, “My voice broke in and got thicker, while it also became musically elegant”, compared to when he was 11. BANG YE DAM who wised to “Become a powerful artist who can positively influence people” chose ‘#Still 17 #20 million views #honey pot voice’ as the three words that represent himself.

#KIM JUN KYU, the good looking koala

19-year old KIM JUN KYU who’s confident on his vocals stated, “My nickname is koala since I look similar when I smile. Call me handsome koala!” and added, “I’ve heard that my vocals match the YG style. I would like to become an influential artist”.

#Heavy eater #Fashionista CHOI HYUN SUK

20-year old CHOI HYUN SUK who first accessed Hip-Hop through the influence of BIGBANG revealed his desperation by stating, “I would like to make debut since I’ve been looking up to this agency since I was young”.

#Trainee Maestro #Self-proclaimed visuals

KIM SEUNG HUN, positioned as a vocal as a 20-year old, is known the trainee maestro. KIM SEUNG HUN stated, “I became a trainee when I was fourth grade in elementary school, and now it’s my 9th year. I’ll think of this as my last opportunity and do my best to make debut”, revealing his aspirations. LEE BYOUNG GON, the 21-year-old ‘self-proclaimed visuals’ with his specialty dimple revealed, “I was influenced by my brother who’s preparing to become a rapper” and added, “I would like to present my musicality to the people”.

#Aegyo rich #Mellow voice

The youngest 16-year old KIM DO YOUNG stated, “I want to present myself to the world” and added, “I’m practicing hard to become an artist differentiated from others, who’s good at both dancing and singing”. He also has a unique nickname of ‘Dobby’, with his name added on to his trait of staying home. The 22-year old LEE MI DAM who has a charming mellow voice stated, “People call me ‘quiet giraffe’ since I’m quiet and my neck is long” and added, “I would like to take a sincere position if I make debut, since I have a quiet personality”. 

Meanwhile, a fierce competition is expected on ‘YG Treasure Box’, the program that will select YG’s new boy group in 4 years, following BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON, as YANG HYUN SUK has noticed to select “approximately 5 members out of 29”. The program will reveal YG’s music producing know-hows and internal system accumulated for the past 22 years unlike existing debut survival programs, to broadcast the progress of the new group’s creation.

‘YG Treasure Box’ will be composed of 10 episodes, and will pre-release through V LIVE (V App) on the 16th at 10 PM and premiere through JTBC2 and YouTube on the same night at 12 AM.


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