The making videos of the treasures released by ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ are becoming a hot topic. 

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ revealed the profile making video of the 29 treasures through Naver VLIVE (V App) on the 20th at 11 AM. The treasures including CHOI HYUN SUK, BANG YE DAM, HARUTO, PARK JEONG WOO, KIM JUN KYU, and LEE BYOUNG GON with talent, character, and visuals formed a deep fanbase after the broadcast. 

BANG YE DAM who earned the nickname, ‘vocal tone gangster’, after the first broadcast and was listed on the top real-time searched keywords filmed with ease, while making a cute smile and stating, “I like it, but I feel awkward”. He also revealed his boy-like beauty by commenting, “I think hip styling would make it easier for me to pose and express myself” on his outfit. CHOI HYUN SUK made a ‘duck mouth’ and laughed while stating, “I think it’s my habit”. He then revealed his charisma by revealing his confident pose during the whole shooting. Japanese trainee HARUTO who’s part of group J, the ‘secret weapon’, also revealed his strong presence through the making. He proved to have the best visual that represents Japan while he stated, “I’ll do my best to take good photos” in fluent Korean. PARK JEONG WOO from the youngest group introduced himself by stating, “I’m 15-year old PARK JEONG WOO”, revealing his innocent boy charms. KIM JUN KYU revealed to be worried at his first profile shooting by stating, “I feel pressured”, but turned out to have great visuals while revealing his smile throughout the process that melt the hearts of fans. LEE BYOUNG GON revealed his confidence by stating, “I feel nervous, but I think I can do well” and grabbed the hearts of fans by posing to reveal his ambient charms while stating, “I learned a pose at a shooting scene”. 

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ will reveal the 2nd profile images on the 21st and two previews of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ episode two on the 22nd and 23rd, raising expectations on the exclusive contents that will only be available through VLIVE. 

Meanwhile, ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ is a survival program to select members for a new idol group that will make debut on 2019, that will present YG’s differentiated making of new artists from trainee casting to audition, training system, monthly evaluations, and production. The program will be consisted of 10 episodes, while the 2nd episode will air on the 23rd (Fri) at 10 PM through VLIVE and Naver TV.

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