YG’s Hot and Fancy Year-End, “Relay Comeback”


YG’s year-end will be hotter than ever. From BLACKPINK JENNIE’s solo to SECHSKIES, WINNER, and iKON, the work doesn’t seem to stop. The fans are paying keen attention on YG’s pleasant steps that will heat up the year-end of 2018.

On October 30, representative YANG HYUN SUK mentioned plans regarding SECHSKIES, EUN JIWON, MINO, and iKON through YG Entertainment’s official blog. Representative YANG wrote, “We will discuss the recording process of SECHSKIES’ new project which is currently at halt and matters regarding countermeasures. EUN JIWON’s solo album is currently being recorded, apart from SECHSKIES’ new project”.

Representative YANG continued, “The team is going through times of confusion due to an unexpected event that happened recently” and added, “I’ve been avoiding talking to the members regarding the subject since it may be burdensome for them with concert schedules coming up. However, I plan to discuss the group’s new project, which is currently on halt, along with future countermeasures very soon”.

What caught the viewers’ attention is the part where he mentioned EUN JIWON’s solo project. Representative YANG wrote, “I recently mentioned my personal desire to produce EUN JIWON’s solo project through my social media account, and now it’s currently being recorded”. The fans finally got the opportunity to listen to EUN JIWON’s music as a solo artist, not as a leader of SECHSKIES. Since EUN JIWON has already had successful experiences as a solo artist, the news had to be satisfactory for the fans who were waiting for the project.

Representative YANG also announced that MINO’s first solo album ‘XX’ was confirmed to be released on November 26. According to his writing, there have been difficulties in determining the release date of MINO’s first solo album for the past couple of months. That is, WINNER had overseas concert schedules from September to November, for three months except for one week.

Therefore, representative YANG announced that the agency chose November 26 as the fastest and most appropriate release date, 2 days after WINNER’s concert in Hong Kong to be held on November 24.

He did not forget to mention news regarding WINNER’s new album. Representative YANG wrote, “WINNER is planning to release the group’s 3rd official album after MINO’s activities on his first solo album are complete”. He made the fans excited by adding, “Further details including information on the encore concert in Korea will be announced through further notice”.

The last news talked about iKON’s comeback. After making their unprecedented third comeback this year and marking three consecutive hits, iKON will release the NEW KIDS repackage album on the last day of the year, December 31. He also added that iKON will start a new project next year. The NEW KIDS repackage album will contain a new song and a music video. Although there are no promotion or music broadcast activities planned out, people are still looking forward to iKON’s album to be released on the last day of 2018, since the group has proved their influence and potential through various music related activities this year.

YG has previously announced the release of BLACKPINK JENNIE’s solo track on November 12 and the launching of ‘YG Treasure Box’, the new survival program that will select members for a new boy group by YG to be premiered on November 16. In addition, with plans on SECHSKIES, WINNER, iKON, EUN JIWON, and MINO’s solo comeback, YG will continue their ‘hard work’ until the end of the year. People are looking forward to the finale of 2018 to be presented by YG, since the agency has spent a fierce and passionate year more than ever.


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