Group iKON’s ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ was selected as the song of the year. The song released on January created sing-along waves among the people all year, and the people approved whan the song was selected as the best song of the year. It was an honorable grand prize award. 

iKON won ‘3 trophies’ on the ‘2018 Melon Music Awards’ held in Gocheok Sky Dome located in Guro-gu, Seoul on December 1 by winning the Top 10, Best Songwriter Award (B.I) and the Best Song of the Year Award with the group’s self-written hit song, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’. 

iKON presented an emotional performance while wearing white outfits on the day of the awards ceremony. ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ is the song that started the year of iKON, while ‘GOODBYE ROAD’ is the song that drove the wedge in. 

‘LOVE SCENARIO’ topped real-time music charts for 43 days since its release, while also maintaining the ‘longest period no. 1’ on music charts among all songs released this year. 

After winning the grand prize, B.I shared his gratitude towards their fans ‘iKONIC’ by stating, “We thank a lot of people, but a day won’t be enough to mention the names of all of them. However, we would like to sincerely thank iKONIC, who we feel grateful and sorry the most but can’t contact in person. As we have mentioned before, winning such a miraculous award and having these unimaginable moments were all possible thanks to our fans”. 

He continued, “We would like to bow and express our gratitude towards iKONIC who became a seawall for us, when the tides were rough. Us iKON tried to put the sea into a little teacup. The water overflowed and eventually, nothing was left. So, we would like to be a group that can make tea and serve it, while sharing friendly conversations. We thank all of you and while we were the ones to receive the award in our hands, we thank everyone who loved our music, and our fans iKONIC for always protecting us”. 

SONG also shared his thoughts in tear by stating, “We will be iKON who always stay humble and keep our first intentions”. The members all shed tears or had their eyes turn red as they were touched, revealing their overwhelming emotions on receiving the grand award.

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