“A Topic of Conversation”… ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ Reaches 25 Million Views in 3 Episodes


‘YG TREASURE BOX’ reached 25 million views in just 3 episodes, with the heated support by the viewers. 

The survival project titled ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ reached a total of 25 million accumulated views on YouTube and VLIVE, becoming a hot topic of conversation. The interest of the public towards YG’s new boy group being launched in 4 years following BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON were proved as numbers.

Even though two days have passes since the main airing of the 3rd episode, the show is still maintaining its no. 1 on V LIVE’s daily video charts in the US, Canada, and Indonesia, as of today (2nd) at 7 AM. The program is reaching high view counts not only in Korea but also in Japan, China, and the Philippines, raising anticipation on the birth of a new global boy group. 

Treasures A, B, C, and J went through monthly evaluations on the 3rd episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’, aired last month on the 30th. The trainees who received individual evaluations collaborated with teammates through live group performances while also competing with other members of the team. 

Through the monthly evaluation, HARUTO, MASHIHO, PARK JEONG WOO, SO JUNGHWAN, WANG JYUNHAO, HA YOON BIN, PARK JIHUN, BANG YE DAM, KIM JUN KYU, and KIM SEUNG HUN were selected as members of the debut group. YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK has previously stated, “I’ll select the best two members from each group”, but PARK JIHUN and KIM SEUNG HOON additionally joined the team since Treasures A and B performed well.

The trainees shed tears since the results were not good enough compared to what they have prepared or absence without leave of a member, but all teams were revealed to grow one step further. 

A competition to select 7 out of the 10 trainees of the debut group was previewed in the end of the video. BLACKPINK from YG Entertainment appeared as special judges, raising anticipation on the next episode.

Unlike existing debut survival programs, ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ will reveal YG’s actual music producing know-hows and its internal system accumulated for the past 22 years, to reveal the process of the group’s creation with full disclosure.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’, consisted of a total of 10 episodes, pre-releases every Friday night at 10 PM through V LIVE (V App) and broadcasts through JTBC2 and YouTube on the same night at 12 AM.

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