‘Melon Music Awards’ iKON’s Touching Words, “Tried to Put the Ocean into the Little Teacup and Nothing Was Left”


Group iKON won the Best Song of the Year Award, which is regarded as one of the grand prizes.

The ‘2018 Melon Music Awards with Kakao’ hosted by music platform Melon, operated by Kakao, was held in Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome on December 1. Top class artists of Korea and approximately 20 thousand fans filled up the stadium. 

The honorable Best Song Award, Album Award, Record of the Year Award, and the Artist Award were given to iKON, BTS, and Wanna One. BTS won a total of 2 grand prizes including the Album Award and the Artist Award. 

iKON who received the Best Song Award introduced themselves by stating, “Hello, we’re iKON who sang the best song of the year” and showed their affections towards the fans by adding, “We would like to sincerely thank iKONIC, who we feel grateful and sorry the most but can’t contact in person. As we have mentioned before, winning such a miraculous award and having these unimaginable moments were all possible thanks to our fans. We would like to bow and express our gratitude towards iKONIC who became a seawall for us, when the tides were rough”.

The group continued, “Us iKON tried to put the ocean into a little teacup. The water overflowed and eventually, nothing was left. So, we would like to be a group that can make tea and serve it, while sharing friendly conversations. We thank all of you and while we were the ones to receive the award in our hands, we thank everyone who loved our music, and our fans iKONIC for always showing us love”.

Meanwhile, the ‘2018 Melon Music Awards’ became a huge topic as soon as the ceremony began and topped all real-time searched keywords in major portal sites. As it was the platform’s 10-year anniversary, the ceremony was filled with special performances that reminded viewers of a combination of solo concerts. The performances by artists who represent genres of Dance, Rap/Hip-Hop, Ballad, R&B/SOUL, and Trot filled up the stadium with touching moments and a large roar by the audiences. 

In addition to the performances that captured the hearts of global music fans, the Melon Music Awards has public credibility due to its data from Melon which is Korea’s largest music platform and the fans’ votes to select artists and songs that received the most support within the past year. The ceremony also grabbed the public’s interest by awarding the ‘Kakao Hot Star’ Award through Ronnie, the Kakao Talk Melon chat bot, which incorporated both culture and new technology.  

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