WINNER revealed the behind-the-scenes video from their Philippines tour, presenting a special gift for the fans. 

Today (2nd) at 3 PM, YG Entertainment revealed WINNER’s Philippines tour making film through their official social media account. 

The video contained the lingering feeling from ‘WINNER 2018 [EVERYWHERE] TOUR IN MANILA’ held in mall of Asia Arena, Manila on December 10. 

The fans filled up the airport while singing ‘EVERYDAY’ to greet WINNER. The fans also proved WINNER’s popularity among the locals by lining up from early hours on the date of the concert. 

The video revealed various scenes of WINNER members, from the rehearsal stages to the scenes in the waiting room. The members were touched and stated, “Philippines INNER CIRCLE even prepared gifts for the staff members”. 

HOONY stated, “The heated roar and sing-along by the fans are passionate enough to pierce through my in-ears. That makes us enjoy performing even more”.

When the concert began, and the members of WINNER appeared, the fans filled up the arena with a huge roar. They also revealed their affections towards WINNER with the slogan that read ‘INNER CIRCLE, the shelter that covers WINNER EVERYDAY’, making a heartwarming scene. 

WINNER who filled up the Philippines with blue waves will continue to actively perform through their encore concert in Seoul to be held next year on January and the group’s first-ever North America tour.


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