“BLACKPINK, From The Fastest Dome Concert Towards the World!”… Spotlighted by Japanese Media


Local media channels of Japan headlined BLACKPINK’s first-ever dome concert in Japan, which excited over 50 thousand audiences.

On December 24, BLACKPINK decorated the finale of their first-ever Japan tour in Kyocera dome, Osaka. BLACKPINK became the first-ever foreign girl group to perform in Kyocera dome, Osaka in a year and 4 months since making their Japanese debut. 

Major media channels of Japan also visited the concert to report the scene. And on the 25th, Tokyo Junichi, Nikkan Sports, Daily Sports, Sankei Sports, and Sports Nippon spotlighted BLACKPINK’s dome concert to describe the group’s top popularity in Japan.

Daily Sports wrote, “BLACKPINK, the fastest Korean girl group to perform in a dome” with a photo of the four members wearing Santa Claus outfits that matched the Christmas mood. Sports Nippon also spotlighted BLACKPINK’s global popularity by writing, “BLACKPINK, from the fastest dome concert towards the word!!”. 

BLACKPINK also made the headlines on Sankei Sports which read, “BLACKPINK, we missed you”, while Nikkan Sports described the scene by writing, “First foreign girl group to perform in Kyocera Dome, BLACKPINK! Enormous Pink Waves”. Sports Hochi emphasized BLACKPINK’s love for the fans by praising, “A dome concert in 1 year and 4 months that surpasses all girl groups”.

BLACKPINK’s ‘BLACKPINK ARENA TOUR 2018 – SPECIAL FINAL IN KYOCERA DOME OSAKA’ was the finale concert of their Japan tour, which started last year during the summer. Despite being a girl group concert, approximately 80% of the 50 thousand audiences were women in their early 20s. It proved that BLACKPINK is the representative figure of ‘girl crush’ among the young adults residing in Japan.

After finishing their first tour in Japan with heat, BLACKPINK will hold their first-ever world tour titled, ‘BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR [IN YOUR AREA]’. As the group has noticed their official debut in the United States by partnering with Interscope Records, the representative label of Universal Music Group, people are paying keen attention on BLACKPINK’s global activities of 2019.


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