Group iKON decorated the finale of the Japan tour by filling up Osaka, Japan with red waves.

On December 22~23, iKON held the finale for ‘iKON JAPAN TOUR 2018′ in Kyocera dome, Osaka. The group filled up the large-scale dome arena with two concerts consisted of 180 minutes, exciting the local fans. They have decorated the finale of their Japan tour held in 5 cities of Japan including Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Aichi, consisted of a total of 17 concerts. 

As it was iKON’s last concert in Japan this year, the arrival section of the airport was crowded with fans. Kyocera dome, Osaka where the concerts were held was filled up with red waves for two days when the concerts were held. Japanese fans holding red lighting sticks and red outfits surrounded the stadium from early mornings, which continued to the subway station.

The concert was heated up as soon as it started. As the intro of ‘BLING BLING’ magnificently played out, the fans stood up and roared, shaking up Kyocera dome.

When iKON yelled, “Osaka! Are you ready, make some noise”, the audiences raised their voices in excitement. As they respond, iKON released their energy by connecting from ‘BLING BLING’ to ‘RHYTHM TA’, performing with passion and sweat. 

Among the performances of 20 songs including ‘MY TYPE’, ‘BIRTHDAY’, ‘DUMB AND DUMBER’, ‘RHYTHM TA’, ‘KILLING ME’, ‘RUBBER BAND’, and ‘GOODBYE ROAD’, the most heated reactions came from ‘LOVE SCENARIO’. The song that created sing-along waves not only in Korea but also during the group’s Asia tour filled up the dome in Japanese sing-alongs this time. The fans sang-along to not only the catchy melody of the hook but also the fast rap verse, uniting the audience seats with the performance stage.

After receiving the strong energy from their fans, iKON threw their bodies while running through the round shaped and crossed shaped thrust stages connected in approximately 500 meters. As the lightings and visuals were directed to fit the music beat and the group’s performances, the audience became even more excited. The various moving lights and lasers added more three-dimensional effects of the concert. The screen was placed not only on both sides but also the top and bottom of the center, making the live transmission become one with iKON’s actual stage.

iKON also presented fluent Japanese. B.I and BOBBY made the people burst into laughter with Japanese jokes without a script, while JAY, CHAN, JU-NE, and DK were also fluent and natural as if they were the hosts. SONG put down the mic and spoke Osaka dialect by telling, ‘I can’t live without you. I love you forever!’, making the crowd roar. 

In the end, BOBBY received a birthday song sing-along from the fans along with a cake as a surprise present. BOBBY, who’s birthday was a day prior to the concert stated, “It’s my first time having a birthday party on stage. I’ve been jealous of other members doing it, but finally I got to. Thank you so much”.

The sing-along continued until the end. On the performance of the last song ‘FREEDOM’, B.I handed the mic to the audience seat, while the fans sang-along in Korean as if they were waiting for that moment. Even when all performances have ended, the fans sang the full song of ‘FREEDOM’ while requesting for an encore. iKON performed an hour of encore songs, presenting unforgettable moments for the fans in Osaka. 

BOBBY stated, “We started on a small venue in Japan and finally got here. It’s all because iKONIC helped us. Thank you”, while JU-NE smiled while stating, “I can’t forget the faces of everyone laughing. It was touching and made me happy that all of you can smile for seeing us. I hope to meet you again with my gratitude in my heart. I mean it”. 

SONG stated, “Thank you for filling up such a big stadium, and we’ll become iKON that always remembers our first intentions”. DK stated, “I’m happy to sing in front of all of you”, while JAY made the crowd cheer by stating, “Thank you for staying with us until the last of our tour. I would like to meet you again next year through various activities. Let’s meet next year with a new song”. 

iKON who completed their Japan tour will come back to Korea and perform on SBS ‘Music Awards Festival’ on the 25th.

The group will also re-enact the heat of their ‘CONTINUE TOUR’ by holding an encore concert on January 6 in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena. As they will release the repackage album of ‘NEW KIDS’, which received huge popularity this year, iKON’s waves are expected to continue from the beginning of next year. 


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