JENNIE Challenges Cooking Rice on ‘Village Survival’… The Bright ‘City Girl’ Experiencing Country Life for the First Time


 ‘City girl’ JENNIE will challenge on ‘cooking rice on a ‘rice pot’ for the first time of her life on SBS ‘Village Survival, the Eight’. 

One of the members has found the 10 million KRW and carried it forward, noticing a fiercer chase war. The members will try to find the one who found the money and acquire hint tools for the final chase on ‘Village Survival’ to be aired on the 14th. 

On a recently held shooting, JENNIE replied “I’ve never done it in my life” on Yoo Jaesuk’s question asking her, “Have you ever cooked rice”. She revealed her determination by saying, “I’ll cook rice for the first time of my life”. She also grabbed the viewers’ attention by revealing, “It’s my first time peeling potatoes”. 

Unlike her confidence when she first made her challenge, JENNIE could not hide her worries while checking the smell of the rice in the kitchen whenever she had time. She turned off the light when Yoo Jaesuk told her it would be fine, but slyly turned it back on after Kang Kiyoung told her, “It’s not ready yet”, making the people burst into laughter. The members praised her after having a taste of rice cooked by JENNIE. 

‘City girl’ JENNIE’s rice cooking challenge on ‘Village Survival’ will air on the 14th at 11:20 PM.


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