JENNIE Wins No.1 on ‘Inkigayo’, “Thank You BLINK”


‘JENNIE won the honor of receiving the no.1 trophy with her song ‘SOLO’ on ‘Inkigayo’.

On SBS ‘Inkigayo’ aired on December 2, JENNIE received the no.1 trophy. 

JENNIE stated, “I thank BLINK so much for supporting my first single as a solo artist”, revealing her gratitude towards her fans.

She continued to share her gratitude by stating, “I thank our stylists for decorating me, president YANG, and TEDDY”.

‘SOLO’ is a song in a Hip-Hop genre, incorporating elements of Pop music. The song expresses a direct solo with direct and sincere lyrics along with its beautiful chords and simple melody line on the intro. The song was written and produced by TEDDY, who worked on all songs released by BLACKPINK, while 24 also participated as a composer to add more completion on the track.


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