MINO, “Kang Hodong’s Favorite Younger Brother? P.O”


-You talked about Kang Hodong’s favorite younger brother on JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’. Who’s Kang Hodon’s favorite brother now, Lee Seungki or MINO. 

“P.O. I’m sure. His eye turns. (laughs) I’m not good at expressing myself to the older brothers, but P.O is the opposite. He’s full of aegyo and friendly. He always expresses himself even to his friends. I’m really glad P.O is receiving a lot of love through ‘New Journey to the West’”. 

-You had a panic disorder from the end of last year until the beginning of this year, what was the reason.

“Out of responsibility. Different from stress. Everyone gets stressed whether they’re successful or not, but this was different. My mind softened. I thought I was positive and that I am a person with bright energy, but that fell apart. I was confused, burdened, just like that”. 

-Who do you tell your worries and secrets. 

“I don’t tell my family because they’ll be worried. I tell my members. The members or the team manager. I tell the staff members who worked with me for a long time”. 

-Who would you like to collaborate with, except for artists signed to YG. 

“Many people want to see me collaborate with Zico. I didn’t work with him on my solo album since people all know we’re close through ‘Show Me The Money’, and I wanted to present something new. I guess a lot of people wanted us to work together”. 

-Are you dating anyone, or are you too busy.

“I’m not at the moment, and I can’t. I’m not really thinking about it, nor I have the time or mindset for it. I’m too focused on my work right now. I don’t feel like I’m ‘lonely’ or think ‘I should meet someone’.

What do you do during your free time.

“A lot of things. Take pictures, paint, make clothes, reform, and edit pictures. I hope I get the time for that soon. That’s where I get the items and ideas for WINNER when we make our next comeback”. 

-How will MINO remember the year 2018.

“I participated in EPIK HIGH’s ‘BORN HATER’ in 2014. It was prior to my debut. I was full of confidence when I wrote the lyrics. ‘You won’t say that when you see me in 18, guaranteed success’ is what I wrote. I set my goal to succeed in 2018 in 2014. I thought that 2018 is far ahead. Like thinking of marriage when I’m twenty years old. As years passed by, those lyrics burdened me. This year was the year I was hurt the most and felt complex the most in my life. But as I participated in various activities, I changed a lot in both inner and outer aspects, and received a lot of love. I guess 2018 would be the most memorable year in my life up until now, before I die”. 

What is your hope for 2019. 

“Stay healthy. It’s cliche, but it’s the most important (Laughs)”.