MINO’s ‘FIANCÉ’ tops Music Charts for 7 Days… Expectations on ‘Inkigayo’ ↑

MINO is maintaining his top spot on music charts for 7 days. 

Today (2nd) at 10 AM, the title song ‘FIANCÉ’ from MINO’s first solo album ‘XX’ topped major real-time charts including Genie, Olleh, and Melon, which is Korea’s largest music streaming platform. The song is maintaining its top spot for 7 days since the album was released last month on the 26th. The song ‘FIANCÉ’ is firmly maintaining its no. 1 position for one week.

The song is not only topping music charts but is also becoming a hot topic of conversation. The keyword ‘MINO FIANCÉ’ is placed at no. 1 on the entertainment and sport sections of various portal sites, even after a week since the album’s release. The choreography video for ‘FIANCÉ’ also surpassed 1 million views, receiving positive reactions from the fans. 

MINO will present his powerful performance today through SBS ‘Inkigayo’ following his performance on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ yesterday. 

The choreography for ‘FIANCÉ’ was directed by Kinjaz, the world-famous choreographer who participated in directing the choreography for WINNER’s ‘EVERYDAY’. It is reviewed that Kinjaz with trendy senses and MINO with abundant expressiveness created a well-organized performance.

Furthermore, the MV for ‘FIANCÉ’ surpassed 15 million views on YouTube, receiving steady support from the viewers. The MV for ‘FIANCÉ’ directed by Seo Hyunseung grabbed the viewers’ attention with MINO acting as a king who desires and longs for the one he misses. US Billboard has favorably reviewed the video by writing, “The fact that the MV was inspired by traditional Korean culture and beauty is impressive”.

The song ‘FIANCÉ’ samples a popular song from the 70s titled ‘Soyanggang Maid’, combining the genre of Hip-Hop and Trop. The unexpected combination of Hip-Hop and Trot by MINO is creating fresh waves in the K-Pop scene. 

MINO’s first solo album ‘XX’ released in 5 years since he made debut topped iTunes Album Charts in 17 different regions, proving his global influence. The title song ‘FIANCÉ’ also topped iTunes Charts in 9 different regions, receiving love from a lot of love and support from the fans worldwide.


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