WINNER to Make Comeback Today… Will Release New Winter Single ‘MILLIONS


WINNER to Make Comeback Today (19th)… Will Release New Winter Single ‘MILLIONS’

Group WINNER is releasing their new single ‘MILLIONS’ today (19th) at 6 PM. 

On December 19, YG Entertainment uploaded the D-DAY poster for WINNER’s new single titled ‘MILLIONS’. The members of WINNER revealed their boy-like charms while dressed in white colored suits with the ambient night sky as a background. WINNER’s unique bright and clean energy were passed on to the viewers through the poster, raising curiosities on the concept of the upcoming single. 

The song’s melody and choreography on the intro were previewed through the MV teaser for ‘MILLIONS’. Despite being a short 30-second clip, the emotional melody and sweet lyrics made the fans cheer, noticing another successful comeback. 

 Listening point of the new song “Everyone has millions of reasons to be loved”

WINNER chose the content of the lyrics that ‘Everyone has reasons to be loved’ as the listening point of the song. YOON who participated in the writing and composing of ‘MILLIONS’ explained, “You may enjoy sweetly with excitement, or listen to it with a fluttering heart”. He added, “It is a song with a happy feeling that will warm up the cold year-end, so I hope many people will feel excitement and hope from listening to the track”. HOONY also revealed his confidence on the song by stating, “It’s an exciting and easy track. Please pay attention to the lyrics which people can feel empathy with”. 

 Written and composed by WINNER! Presents Their Musical Capabilities

The members of WINNER participated in the writing and composing of their new single ‘MILLIONS’, presenting more matured musical caliber of the group. YOON, MINO, and HOONY were credited as the lyricists, while YOON, Kang Ukjin, and Diggy participated in the composing of the track to add more completion on the new single. ‘MILLIONS’ is a song in a Pop/Dance genre with freshness that whispers love to a lover. The warm melody and lyrics go well with rhythmical whistle sounds and bouncy kick drums to express WINNER’s unique winter emotions.

WINNER has established their unique musical color by grabbing the public’s ears with sophisticated sounds on every song they have released so far. The group received steady support from the public through songs ‘EMPTY’, ‘SENTIMENTAL’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘REALLY REALLY’, and ‘EVERYDAY’. People are paying keen attention on how WINNER’s new single will create fresh waves in the K-Pop scene, as they have done so far with their previous releases. 

WINNER will start their ‘MERRY MILLIONS DAY’ comeback countdown an hour prior to the release of their new song, at 5 PM through V LIVE. The V LIVE will be decorated with a Christmas concept, while the members of WINNER will gift heartwarming moments for the fans while discussing their upcoming single. 

WINNER’s new single ‘MILLIONS’, full of winter emotions’, will be released today at 6 PM through various music platforms, while physical copies will be available for sale from the 24th through YG SELECT and on/offline retailers nationwide. 


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