YANG HYUN SUK Reveals Spoiler on the MV for WINNER’s ‘MILLIONS’, “A Coup d’état for the Fans”


YG Entertainment’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK previewed part of the new MV for WINNER’s ‘MILLIONS’.

On December 17, YANG HYUN SUK uploaded a video on his Instagram with captions, “WINNER MILLIONS MV !! Not sure if it is okay for me to upload this This is my Coup d´etat for ICs !! #WINNER #NEW_SINGLE #MILLIONS #20181219 #6PM #YG“. ‘IC’ stands for ‘Inner Circle’, WINNER’s fan club.

The revealed preview showed members of WINNER performing a restrained choreography on fresh melodies. Their fashion in various colors including green and pink jackets also grabbed the viewers’ attention.

WINNER will release their new single ‘MILLIONS’ on the 19th at 6 PM through various music platforms. It’s their new single being released in 8 month since the group last released their 2nd official album ‘EVERYD4Y’, back in April.

The new song was created by the members of WINNER. YOON, MINO, and HOONY were credited for writing the lyrics. The track was composed by YOON, Kang Ukjin, and Diggy. As the group has swept music charts with every song they have released, people are paying keen attention on what kind of milestones WINNER’s upcoming single will achieve.


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