As the real competition towards the dream stage of ‘debut’ has now begun on ‘YG TREASURE BOX’, the growth of the 28 Treasures that occurs every episode is touching the hearts of the Treasure Makers. The rapid growth of the trainees is making the viewers review, ‘Everyone has what it takes to make debut now’. These changes happened due to the sweat and hard work by the trainees, but also due to the trainers who help the trainees improve from behind the scenes and representative YANG HYUN SUK’s sincere advises and consolations.

Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK who has previously took roles as a judge on many survival programs and became the center of attention through his motivating advises and harsh criticisms is now acting as the foundation of the trainees’ growth with his affectionate encouragements and consolations. The reviews without malicious editing is presenting representative YANG HYUN SUK’s sincerity very clearly. We’ve selected the 5 best quotes by representative producer YANG HYUN SUK, who helps the trainees sometimes as a charismatic president, and sometimes as a warm father who shares comforting words.

1. “I’m really going to take appearances into account this time.”

It is what representative producer YANG HYUN SUK has announced as the program ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ began, which shocked the employees at YG. Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK successfully raised the expectations on the program to its max prior to the premiere by notifying the launch of a new boy group composed of members with not only talent and skills, but also amazing appearances.

2. “Park Bo Gum was too good to miss… I won’t miss these talents ever again.”

This quote made the viewers burst into laughter, since the president of YG, the agency with the best idol groups including BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, and BLACKPINK, revealed his ‘honest opinion’ on the talents he missed until now. While watching the audition videos by the trainees, representative producer YANG HYUN SUK spoke, “Rain fell on our audition and… Park Bo Gum was too good to miss”. He also reminisced about the current celebrities YG missed including Chung Ha, Wendy, Crush, and Lee Hanui and revealed his eagerness on the new boy group launching by adding, “I won’t miss these talents ever again”.

3. “There’s too much MSG!”

It was during the early monthly evaluations on ‘YG TREASURE BOX’. Many people have been looking forward to rapper CHOI HYUN SUK’s performance as he has formed a large fanbase even prior to the program airing, but representative producer YANG HYUN SUK’s reviews were harsh. Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK advised, “There’s too much MSG. The motion comes earlier than rap sometimes”, while CHOI HYUN SUK accepted his criticism and presented an improved performance on his following stage, gathering the attention of viewers.

4. “(PARK)JEONG WOO, where do you come from?”

Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK’s joke towards PARK JEONG WOO, the 15-year old genius vocalist became a hot topic. During the first monthly evaluations, representative producer YANG HYUN SUK called BANG YE DAM after stating, “Let’s make the strongest trainees battle” and called out BANG YE DAM, and then called out PARK JEONG WOO as the trainee who can threaten BANG YE DAM. After the two trainees’ performances, representative producer YANG HYUN SUK praised PARK JEONG WOO’s skills by stating, ‘JEONG WOO’s pitch is perfect although he’s only 15. Where do you come from?”, while PARK JEONG WOO wittily and innocently responded, “I’m from Iksan, North Jeolla Province”.

5. “No artist can beat him (BANG YE DAM) if he sings like that.”

It was the high praise by representative producer YANG HYUN SUK towards BANG YE DAM, the ‘vocalist you trust and listen to’ in YG. YANG HYUN SUK highly praised BANG YE DAM’s reinterpretation of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ during the 1 on 1 position swap mission by reviewing, “No artist can beat him (BANG YE DAM) if he sings like that”.

Meanwhile, as this week’s episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ will cover the 2:2-unit position swap battles between the trainees and the debut group members along with revealing additional drop outs, the viewers are eager to know what will happen. MASHIO shedding tears after the KIM JUN KYU-MASHIHO unit have faced crises during the rehearsal has been previewed, raising attention on what really happened. The 7th episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ will broadcast through V LIVE and Naver TV on the 28th at 10 PM.

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