‘YG TREASURE BOX’ Surpasses 60 Million Views in 7 Episodes… Proves Global Popularity


‘YG TREASURE BOX’ surpassed 60 million views, proving its global popularity.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’, the program to select members for YG’s next generation boy group, surpassed a total of 60 million accumulated views on VLIVE and YouTube in just 7 episodes, and is at approximately 63 million views as of December 30, 9 AM. The amazing talent of the trainees and their passionate challenges towards the debut group, Treasure 6 is receiving positive reviews and grabbing the hearts of fans. 

The 7th episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ topped VLIVE’s Daily Chart in countries including Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Spain, Brazil, Thailand, and Japan after the show’s airing on the 28th. The program is maintaining its steady popularity despite the flood of year-end contents.

Furthermore, compared to the first episode which had 150 thousand live viewers, the 7th episode had 320 thousand live viewers, which is more than double compared to the original figure. The number of subscribers for ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ have also surpassed a total of 570 thousand on YouTube, VLIVE, and Naver TV, which is 4 times over 130 thousand, the number at the time of the first episode. As the show progress, the Treasure Makers are trying not to miss the main airing while reacting with heated responses.

The debut group members’ fate changed due to the ‘2:2-unit position swap’ on the 7th episode of YG TREASUE BOX. WANG JYUNHAO was selected as the second dropout to leave the program while KIM JUNKYU, MASHIHO, KIM YEONGUE, and HA YOONBIN from the debut group had to return to their original trainee positions from the debut group. Meanwhile, LEE BYOUNG GON, KIM SEUNG HUN, PARK JEONGWOO, and HARUTO made another unexpected outcome by joining the debut group. 

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ pre-releases through VLIVE every Friday night at 10 PM and broadcasts through JTBC2 and YouTube on the same night at 12 AM. The ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ VLIVE Channel reveals not only the main episodes, but also diary cams with the trainees’ daily lives, reaction cams, and many more. 


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