Capture BTS·BLACKPINK, Global Concert Agencies are Lining Up


Global agencies are gathering to grab BTS and BLACKPINK’s concert rights.

According to US Billboard, the number of K-Pop groups planning on a North America tour are increasing this year. The agencies are also reacting fast to win their concert rights, while the interest on BTS and BLACKPINK is higher than ever. Forbes, the economy magazine reported, “With the global success of BTS in 2018, the number of K-wave fans have reached 90 million people. The estimated number is 22% higher than the number back in 2017, while it is expected that 100 million people will become fans of the K-wave until the year 2020”.

BTS is climbing up the Billboard charts without special promotional activities in the US, while establishing a strong fandom. They proved an international long-run popularity rather than a brief spike of interest, so more cities are becoming available as concert locations. The agency’s website reveals the ‘Love Yourself’ tour schedule in Bangkok, Thailand for April, but it is said that offers for the entire year are coming from all over the world. The competition among agencies that book large-scale venues with over 20 thousand seats are fierce, and even 60 agencies were competing against each other for concert rights in one country. A related official from the industry hinted, “Earning the concert rights of BTS became a way to get recognition in the industry. As new companies with interest in the concert business are increasing with the expansion of K-Pop, the competition is very fierce this year”. 

BLACKPINK is the group with the highest interest among girl groups. They released only 10 songs since debut since they don’t make comeback very often but are regarded as a group with endless possibilities to improve and gain global recognition. They are reviewed as a group with both good appearances and skills and has the competitive advantage of being able to communicate with the fans in fluent English, as a lot of the members have studied overseas.

After proving their strong presence for the past year by making one comeback, the group partnered with Interscope Records, the representative music label of Universal Music Group, and reached 600 million views in the shortest amount of time in K-Pop history. They also received the spotlight from global media channels with the news that they will be performing at Coachella, the largest music festival in the US, for the first time as K-Pop idols.

BLACKPINK is planning to rise even higher this year with their first-ever world tour in Asia·North America·Europe·Australia. They signaled great success by entertaining 30 thousand audiences in their 3 concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, which is BLACKPINK member LISA’s hometown. JENNIE also responded to the concert love-calls by stating, “We have plans for an additional concert in Bangkok. See you soon”. 

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