[Jan 28] The team name of the group composed of 7 members selected from ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ has been confirmed as ‘TREASURE’.

On January 28 at 11 AM, YG Entertainment officially announced that YG’s next generation boy group team name will be ‘TREASURE’ through their official blog.

Related officials of YG Entertainment raised the people’s expectations by announcing, “As the group name of YG’s upcoming boy group has been confirmed as ‘TREASURE’, they are now preparing to make official debut. Since representative producer YANG HYUN SUK is operating the process in the front line, they are expected to make debut in the near future”. 

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ started out by revealing all 29 male trainees of YG. The term treasure box was a negative nickname that originated from the fans’ complaints that the agency hides their artists like ‘treasures’ in a box, but YG used it as the title of the program.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ became the center of attention with the global fans’ heated interest, while the interest on YG Entertainment’s next generation idol group increased naturally as well.

The people are paying keen attention on what kind of records and topics YG will bring out in 2019 with ‘TREASURE’, the group with a big fandom from the beginning, as the agency has not launched a new group since BLACKPINK’s debut.  

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