‘Comkeback’ iKON B.I, “’I’M OK’, a Song That Does Not Need Retouching or Editing”


Group iKON started the countdown with only 6 hours ahead until the release of the repackage album 

YG Entertainment began iKON’s repackage album release countdown on January 7 at 12 PM through their official blog.

The counter in red, which is the color that represents iKON, made the viewers look forward to the release of iKON’s upcoming repackage album. iKON’s repackage album titled ‘iKON NEW KIDS REPACKAGE ‘THE NEW KIDS’ is an album that finalizes the NEW KIDS SERIES. It contains a total of 23 tracks including the title song ‘I’M OK’ and songs from ‘NEW KIDS: BEGIN’, their 2nd album ‘RETURN’, ‘NEW KIDS:CONTINUE’, and ‘NEW KIDS: THE FINAL’.

‘I’M OK’ is a Pop song in a minor scale which touches the listeners’ emotions with its monologue-like lyrics that reminds people of a movie quote. The song was composed by B.I and Future Bounce, while B.I, BOBBY, and Kimg Jong Won participated in writing the lyrics of the track.

Through the MV making video of ‘I’M OK’ revealed prior to the countdown, iKON explained the song in addition to the MV concept.

DK shared his thoughts on shooting the first scene of the MV by stating, “The shooting had the most explosive emotions among all MVs released by iKON”.

On the song ‘I’M OK’, the members explained, “It’s not actually okay even when we say, ‘I’m okay’. The first verse is about live, while the second verse is about love. It has a lonely feeling”.

B.I added, “We don’t really have things to edit or retouch even when we hear it again. I feel that a song without a lot of editing is a good song. For instance, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ was release without a single editing session”. 

iKON shot the jacket while wearing a suit in a long tunnel, in a lively atmosphere while running towards the camera. These scenes were revealed through the MV making film.


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