Finalists of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ Revealed… Who Are the Treasures That Will Achieve the Dream of Making Debut?


The trainees who will advance to the final stage of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ will be revealed. 

On January 7 at 11 AM, YG Entertainment revealed the preview for the 9th episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ including the performances by the four teams competing each other fiercely to become the finalists of the show. 

Only the team performance battles among groups composed of 5 trainees and the final stage to select the debut members remain on ‘YG TREASURE BOX’. KIM SEUNG HUN, BANG YE DAM, KEITA, HARUTO, and PARK JEONG WOO formed the debut group Treasure team, while LEE BYOUNG GON who became a regular trainee from the debut group formed a team with MASHIHO, KIM JUNKYU, KIM DOYOUNG, and HA YOONBIN. 

In addition, CHOI HYUNSUK, PARK JIHOON, KIM YEONGYU, YOSHINORI, KIL DOHWAN, SO JUNGHWAN, YOON JAEHYUK, KANG SUKHWA, KIM JONGSEOB, and JANG YUNSEO formed teams. The four teams will now compete against each other to become the finalists of the show. Since all members of the team with the most votes from the audiences at the scene will advance to the final, the trainees will perform with all their hearts.

The preview for the 9th episodes displayed scenes of the trainees presenting various performances in front of the audiences. YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK raised the curiosities on the team putting the debut group at risk by praising, “I think it this is the strongest team that can but the Treasures at risk”.

The strong performances by the Treasures to maintain their position as a member of the debut group also grabbed the people’s attention, but an unexpected outcome which shocked everyone was also noticed. 

In the end, KIM SEUNG HUN’s voice saying, “I’ve prepared for a long time, and I really wanted to make debut. I thought to myself, ‘What should I do now?’” flowed out. The people became curious on whether KIM SEUNG HUN can make it to the finals, and who will advance to the final stage of the show.


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