“From the Lowest Ranked on the First Monthly Evaluations→Confirmed to Make Debut”… ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ YOON JAE HYUK’s Growth Drama


YOON JAE HYUK was confirmed as the sixth member of YG’s new boy group.

On January 23rd at 11 AM, YG Entertainment announced that YOON JAE HYUK is the sixth debut member of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’, through their official blog. YOON JAE HYUK will join YG’s next generation boy group as the 6th member and was confirmed to make debut. The selection of YOON JAE HYUK as the debut member was a story of a twist, which surprised everyone. YOON JAE HYUK started the monthly evaluations of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ with the lowest rank.

YOON JAE HYUK became a trainee of YG through street casting. He lost his confidence after the first monthly evaluations on ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ since he was ranked at no. 28, which was the ‘lowest rank’. Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK criticized YOON JAE HYUK who received the lowest rank, while YOON JAE HYUK even shed tears out of frustration on himself. YOON JAE HYUK confessed, “I feel like ‘I worked hard’ when I’m heading to the monthly evaluations, but then I blame myself when I get scolded and feel suffocated”. 

However, YOON JAE HYUK did not give up. Despite receiving the lowest rank on the first monthly evaluations, he kept focused on training. He dropped out on the semi-final stage, bur received another chance due to representative producer YANG HYUN SUK’s additional selection. Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK revealed the reason why he selected YOON JAE HYUK by stating, “YOON JAE HYUK’s been a trainee for 7 months, and I see him growing rapidly. I’m looking forward to his rapid uptrend”.


YOON JAE HYUK did not blow away his hardly earned chance. He selected the dance position on the final stage and presented a perfect performance on The Weeknd’s ‘Earn It’ and Travis Scott’s ‘Goosebumps’, capturing the hearts of fans. YOON JAE HYUK improved rapidly like a drama on growth and ended the show with a successful conclusion called ‘final debut’.

YG is currently revealing members of YG’s next generation boy group that will follow the legacy of BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON, one by one. While 6 debut members were confirmed including HARUTO, BANG YE DAM, SO JUNGHWAN, KIM JUN KYU, PARK JEONG WOO, and YOON JAE HYUK, now only one spot remains. The people are paying keen attention on who will win the honor of receiving the final debut member spot.


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