MINO’s ‘FIANCÉ’ dominated monthly charts of December, proving his strong influence as a solo artist.

The title song ‘FIANCÉ’ from MINO’s first solo album ‘XX’ was ranked at no. 1 on various monthly charts of December announced by Olleh, Soribada, Genie, Monkey 3, and Melon, which is Korea’s largest online music platform.

The song ‘FIANCÉ’ conquered real-time charts as soon as the album was released on November 26 and swept daily charts. The song was ranked at no. 1 on weekly charts for 2 consecutive weeks and eventually dominated monthly charts of December, proving his reckless influence as a solo artist.

‘FIANCÉ’ samples a popular song from the 70s titled ‘Soyanggang Maid’, combining the genre of Hip-Hop and old Trot music with sophistication. MINO successfully created his own unique music with his fresh combination of Hip-Hop and Trot. The unique and fresh combination in the song was favorably reviewed as opening new possibilities in the music of the K-Pop scene.

The song ‘FIANCÉ’ has fresh variations in rhythm along with a familiar melody, while the catchy melody and lyrics of the hook impress the listeners’ ears. The melody created through electric organ sounds sound catchy while the fact that the lyrics metaphorically state the lover he misses as ‘fiancé’ or ‘blue bird’ is fresh and brilliant.

The MV for MINO’s ‘FIANCÉ’ which dominated the year-end charts in the K-Pop scene is about to surpass 30 million views as of January 1, which indicates the song’s continuous popularity.

WINNER, the group MINO is part of, is currently actively promoting their single ‘MILLIONS’ and is scheduled to hold an encore concert in Seoul on the 5th and their first-ever North America tour.


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