Paramount Theater filled with local fans

A concert integrating individualities… Will close the curtains in New York on the 29th 

WINNER sounded the North America tour fanfare by filling up Seattle with blue waves.

On January 15th (local time), the Paramount Theater which was the venue for ‘WINNER EVERYWHERE TOUR IN SEATTLE’, was filled with the local fans of Seattle. The concert was part of WINNER’s first-ever North America tour, and the starting point of expanding their domain from their Asia tour to the North American market.

WINNER started the concert with ‘REALLY REALLY’ and lit up the heat of the venue with a hit-song medley including ‘HELLO’, ‘AIR’, and ‘EVERYDAY’. YOON shared his thoughts on the group’s first-ever North America tour by stating, “I feel like I’m dreaming”. He added, “It’s all possible thanks to Inner Circle, and I feel like us and everyone here became united”. 

The members’ individual performances containing their unique character continued. MINO revealed his fierce charisma by performing his solo tracks ‘TRIGGER’ and ‘FIANCÉ’. JINU presented his sweet voice by performing ‘Untitled’. YOON presented his upgraded vocal skills by performing ‘It Rains’ and ‘Instinctively’. YOON also performed John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ in acapella without any instrumentation, touching the hearts of the audience. HOONY also presented perfect performances of ‘Ringa Linga’ and ‘Serenade’. 

WINNER’s diverse musical world was presented through songs including ‘MILLIONS’, ‘WE WERE’, ‘FOR’, and ‘MOVIE STAR’, while the fans responded with large cheers. 

WINNER had a fun time while communicating with the audience through short interviews during the concert. The members of WINNER presented an event of singing the fans’ favorite tracks, and MINO made the crowd cheer by performing his solo track ‘BODY’ at the spot. 


During the encore performances of ‘EVERYDAY’ and ‘REALLY REALLY’, everyone in the audience seats sang-along to the songs in Korean, creating an amazing scene.

After the performances were over, YOON shared his thoughts by stating, “I won’t ever forget today. Thank you for giving us a reason to live on as artists”. He added, “We’ll miss you. I want to comeback as soon as possible to enjoy this moment once again”. 

After completing their Seattle concert, WINNER will head on to San Francisco on the 18th. They will perform in Los Angeles on the 20th, Dallas on the 22nd, Chicago on the 24th, Toronto, Canada on the 27th, and in New York on the 29th to complete their North America tour schedule.


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