The famous US magazine, the Rolling Stone, spotlighted group BLACKPINK.

Today(4th), the Rolling Stone published a special article with the title, ‘BLACKPINK: 5 Things to Know About the K-Pop Girl Group’.

The Rolling Stone wrote, “First, their group name presents unexpected charms”. The continued, “They present feminine beauty and edge at the same time. The group was distinguished from others ever since debut. The perfectly harmonize K-Pop and A-town Trap music”.

They also mentioned the fact that the members are all good at various languages. The Rolling Stones wrote, “JENNIE studied in New Zealand in her childhood, while ROSÉ was born in New Zealand and grew up in Australia. The two members can fluently speak English. JISOO, the vocalist and oldest member and LISA, the main dancer were born in Korea and Thailand, respectively. They are also fluent in Japanese, as they have released their hits in Japanese versions”.

The Rolling Stone also praised BLACKPINK’s one and only identity and presence. They pointed out that BLACKPINK even created their signature sound of “Blackpink in your area”, “Black to the pink”,and “Blackpink is the revolution” through hits including ‘BOOMBAYAH’, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, and ‘FOREVER YOUNG’, spotlighting the group’s influential power.

Fourthly, they explained that BLACKPINK’s visuals and music videos also contain social commentaries. They wrote, “Even the MV for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, selected as the ‘best MV’ last year contains the message. In the MV, we see fans, with cell phones in hand, fawning over a mural of JISOO. But when the real-life JISOO trips and falls, the fans only then take notice and turn their cell phones at her in an intimidating, pistol-like style. They try to mention the idol lifestyle, which is sometimes harsh from outer appearances to attitudes”. 

Lastly, the Rolling Stone mentioned BLACKPINK’s expansion into the US. “BLACKPINK will become the first K-Pop idols to perform at ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’. As they were revealed on the second line of the lineup poster along with artists including Janelle Monáe, Diplo, the 1975, their presence in the US is currently strong”. They added, “While only Asian regions have been announced as the concert locations for BLACKPINK’s first-ever world tour, the fans are curious whether BLACKPINK will also hold a North America tour”. 

BLACKPINK has partnered with Interscope Records, the representative label of Universal Music Group, and announced their expansion in to the US market last year. 

After announcing a ‘legendary promotion’ including the upcoming performance at Coachella, BLACKPINK will also start their first-ever world tour in Bangkok on January 11th to meet their global fans. 


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