[Jan 29] vvvWINNER re-enacted the blue waves in Toronto, Canada, the sixth concert location of their North America tour. 

On January 27th (local time), WINNER held the ‘WINNER EVERYWHERE TOUR IN TORONTO’ at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, located in Toronto, Canada. 


WINNER fascinated the local audience with their hit-song medley that continued from the opening song ‘REALLY REALLY’ to ‘HELLO’, ‘WE WERE’, ‘IMMATURE’, and ‘MOVIE STAR’. The setlist presented their diverse musical world from the group’s debut song ‘EMPTY’ to their newest release, ‘MILLIONS’. 


As the solo performances by the members continued, MINO heat up the mood of the concert with ‘TRIGGER’ and ‘FIANCÉ’. JINU followed up by performing ‘Untitled’, while YOON presented his amazing vocals by performing ‘It Rains’ and ‘Instinctively’. HOONY also presented a fantastic performance through ‘Ringa Linga’ and ‘Serenade’.

YOON performed One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ in acapella version, as he is continuing to present unexpected solo performances on their North America tour with different songs every time, which grabbed the audiences’ attention in an instant. Whenever the lyrics ‘You’re perfect” came out in the middle of the song, he empathized with the fans to raise the mood of the scene. 


YOON touched the fans’ hearts by stating, “It’s my first time not only in Toronto, but also in Canada. Like I can’t forget my first love, I’ll never forget about our concert today”. HOONY added, “We thank the fans that gathered here despite the freezing cold weather. It took a long time for us to reach here, but we’re happy”.

HOONY and MINO went down to the audience seats themselves and did instant interviews. They sang together with the fans and presented unforgettable memories for them.

After completing their concert in Toronto, WINNER will now decorate their North America finale on the 29th in New York


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