WINNER covered Dallas, the fourth city of their North America tour, with blue waves and continued to meet their global fans.

On January 22 (local time), WINNER held the ‘WINNER EVERYWHERE TOUR IN DALLAS’ at The Pavillion at Toyota Music Factory, located in Dallas, TX. 

WINNER greeted the audience with their biggest hit, ‘REALLY REALLY’, and made the crowd cheer by performing songs ‘HELLO’, ‘AIR’, and ‘EVERYDAY’. From MINO’s solo track to WINNER’s latest single ‘MILLIONS’ and encore songs, WINNER presented glamorous performances of 23 tracks and grabbed the local music fans’ hearts.


In addition, YOON performed Lauv’s ‘I Like Me Better’ with his own unique emotions during his individual performances. He changed the lyrics from ‘New York City’ to ‘Dallas’, touching the hearts of the fans of Dallas who visited WINNER’s concert.

The local fans also prepared a special event for YOON, who’s birthday was on the 21st, and sang a happy birthday song for him. YOON made precious memories with the fans’ celebrations and support in Dallas, following their latest concert in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, WINNER communicated with the fans during the concert and shared warm moments. They came down the stage to match eye levels with the audience, and read letters written by fans to sincerely communicate with the audience who visited their concert.


MINO stated, “Thank you for creating beautiful memories. I hope you feel the same way”, expressing his gratitude towards the fans. 

HOONY stated, “I was so glad to meet the fans of Dallas. I look forward to meeting you again”, while YOON revealed his affections by stating, “It was an unforgettable night. Thank you for making us a reason to live on as artists. Although we may be apart, WINNER’s songs will always stay next to you”.

INU also kept on saying ‘Thank you’ repeatedly towards the fans of Dallas, emphasizing his ardent love towards the fans.

After completing concerts in 4 cities of the US, WINNER will now continue their tour in Chicago on the 24th. They will visit Toronto, Canada on the 27th and perform in New York on the 29th as part of the North America tour.


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