Local news tabloid Dispatch released a report on January 1 that the two idols are dating. They released photos taken of Kai and Jennie enjoying a late-night date together at a park on November 25.

According to the report, Kai picked Jennie up from her dorms and the two enjoyed a sweet date together, holding hands and taking photos.

According to Dispatch, the two had also spent time together in Paris in October when they were attending different fashion shows for Fashion Week. Jennie was at the Chanel show and Kai was at the Gucci show. Kai is also said to have visited Jennie on December 2 after returning from a trip to Hawaii.

In the recent update, OSEN reported that YG Entertainment wasn’t sure about Kai and Jennie’s relationship, the agency stating, “We didn’t know about it. We are checking the facts.”

On January 1, EXO’s agency, SM Entertainment confirmed that both are indeed dating, and gave a brief statement saying, “Kai and Jennie have become fond of each other.”

To this, YG Entertainment responded briefly, stating, “We take the same position as SM”.


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