CHOI HYUN SUK and JUNG JUNHYUK will face each other in the biggest match in ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ to secure their debut group positions.

Today(3rd) at 11 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the preview for the 8th episode of ‘YG TREASRE BOX’, noticing the competitive stage between CHOI HYUN SUK and JUNG JUNHYUK.

Representative producer YANG HYUN SUK raised the tension prior to their battle by stating, “The final and the hottest battle among the 1:1 survival competition is waiting”. 

The trainees who saw CHOI HYUN SUK and JUNG JUNHYUK on stage reacted, “This is the real big match”. LEE BYOUNG GON review, “It will be hard for both since they are both talented rappers”. 

Representative YANG also revealed his dilemma by stating, “It really makes me think”, prior to CHOI HYUN SUK and JUNG JUNHYK’s battle. The competition really attracted everyone’s attention at the scene. 

In the mist of the tension and the people’s attention, the ‘1:1 survival’ stage between CHOI HYUN SUK and JUNG JUNHYUK began. The two talented trainees made the people bounce to the rhythm with their skillful rap and fierce stage manners.

Despite the cruel nature of ‘1:1 survivals’ which one person has to drop out, they both showed perfect skills and unique charms that are hard to choose which is better. The curiosities by the Treasure Makers on who will be the final survivor on the battle between CHOI HYUN SUK and JUNG JUNHYUK have reached its max.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’, consisted of 10 episodes, have reached a total of 71.3 million accumulated views on VLIVE and YouTube in just 7 episodes. 

The number of subscribers also rapidly rose to 600 thousand, from 130 thousand at the time of the first premiere of the program. Not only the fans in Korea, but also global fans are carefully witnessing the birth of YG’s next generation boy group.

Unlike existing debut survival programs, ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ reveals YG’s actual music producing know-hows and its internal system accumulated for the past 22 years and portrays its process for the viewers without censorship. 

The 8th episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ will be pre-released through VLIVE on Friday the 4th at 10 PM and broadcast through JTBC2 and YouTube on the same night at 12 AM.


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