PARK JI HOON was confirmed as a member of the new boy group from ‘YG TREASURE BOX’.

Today(3rd) at 11 AM, YG Entertainment confirmed PARK JI HOON as the debut member of the new boy group through their official blog by uploading a poster with the announcement.

As a result, 5 members including HA YOON BIN-MASHIHO-KIM DOYOUNG-YOSHINORI-PARK JI HOON have been confirmed as the debut members of the new boy group from ‘YG TREASURE BOX’, to be launched following ‘TREASURE’. 

The final member will be announced through YG’s official blog and ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ VLIVE tomorrow(4th) at 11 AM.

PARK JI HOON grabbed the viewers’ attention in ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ with his extraordinary leadership. He actively gave opinions on determining and splitting parts and choreography within Treasure B, acting as the leader of the group while guiding and directing the team’s practice.

YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK complemented him by stating, “JI HOON, who would’ve had hardships while acting as the leader, did great”. 

PARK JI HOON was once released from YG during his practice period and made return. This made him purse his debut even more, earnestly.

PARK JI HOON has previously revealed his desperation by stating, “I wanted to make debut in YG since I was young. Thank you for calling me back, and I feel like I won’t have another chance to join the debut group if I drop out this time. I don’t want to leave the agency”.  

As PARK JI HOON’s dream of making debut has finally come true, it is expected that the fans will show heated support towards him. 

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ is YG’s new boy group launch project program which gathered the people’s attention with its unprecedented way of broadcast. The agency revealed the show through VLIVE, the internet platform, then aired through YouTube and JTBC with a time difference. The first episode broadcasted through VLIVE started with 150 thousand live viewers while the 10th and final episode reached 1.72 million live viewers, 11 times more than the first episode, proving the explosive reactions and popularity of the show. 

The videos containing the individual trainees’ charms along with the main episodes surpassed a total of 130 million views and is still rising, gathering the attention of global fans all around the world.

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