‘YG’s Youngest Brothers’ TREASURE 13 to Appear in Full for the ‘First Time’ Through VLIVE on the 13th


‘TREASURE 13’ will make their first official greetings through VLIVE on the 13th in full form.

Today (11th) at 2 PM, YG Entertainment revealed the special live announcement poster of ‘TREASURE 13’ through their official blog (www.yg-life.com), noticing that ‘TREASURE 13’ will appear on Naver VLIVE’s ‘TREASURE 13 SPECIAL LIVE’ on the 13th at 0 PM. 

The 7 members of ‘TREASURE’ including BANG YE DAM-HARUTO-SO JUNGHWAN-KIM JUN KYU-PARK JEONG WOO-YOON JAEHYUK-CHOI HYUNSUK and the 6 additional members of ‘MAGNUM’ including HA YOONBIN-MASHIHO-KIM DOYOUNG-YOSHINORI-PARK JI HOON-ASAHI will all make appearances, as the 13 members who confirmed their debut through ‘YG TREASURE BOX’. 

The full form of ‘TREASURE 13’ will reveal their thoughts on making debut as ‘TREASURE’ and ‘MAGNUM’, along with revealing their profiles made by themselves. It will be the first event where the 6 members of ‘MAGNUM’ are making an official appearance in full form after they were confirmed to make debut.

YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK wrote, “The frustration of not being able to fit in trainees with future potential in a small boat” as the reason why he selected 6 additional members as ‘MAGNUM’ through FROM YG last week and noticed the debut of ‘TREASURE 13’ by adding, “I am planning to debut the 13 members as one team with the name ‘TREASURE 13’”.  

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ is YG’s new boy group debut project program which premiered last year on November and broadcasted until last month under the heated interest and support of viewers. The first episode of the show started with 150 thousand live viewers while the 10th and last episode reached 1.72 million live viewers, which was 11 times more than the figure reached by the first episode. The global fans all over the world witnessed the birth of YG’s next generation boy group through the program.

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