ASAHI was confirmed as the final debut member of the second group from ‘YG TREASURE BOX’.

Today(4th) at 11 AM, YG Entertainment officially announced that ASAHI became the 6th and final member of the new boy group from ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ by uploading a poster through their official blog.

YG’s second next-generation boy group following ‘TREASURE’, composed of 7 members, will now prepare to make debut with its 6 members including HA YOON BIN, MASHIHO, KIM DO YOUNG, YOSHINORI, PARK JI HOON, and ASAHI.

As ASAHI has been confirmed as the debut member, the new boy group is composed of 3 Korean and Japanese members each.

It is reasonable to suppose that representative producer YANG HYUN SUK considered the Japanese market in mind while he was formatting members for the second group.

ASAHI was the latest member to join Treasure J, a team composed of Japanese trainees. In addition to his flawless looks and charming vocals, he is also superb at songwriting which he studied himself since he was in middle school. ASAHI has previously revealed his strong ambitions by stating, “I want to become an artist who writes and composes his own music and touches the people’s hearts with that music”.

In addition, ASAHI always carries the lyrics sheets and Korean study notes in his bag. ASAHI showed his potential to improve as an artist by explaining, “I always carry them to study Korean consistently and help me make songs I want to make”.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ is YG’s new boy group launch project program which gathered the people’s attention with its unprecedented way of broadcast. The agency revealed the show through VLIVE, the internet platform, then aired through YouTube and JTBC with a time difference. The first episode broadcasted through VLIVE started with 150 thousand live viewers while the 10th and final episode reached 1.72 million live viewers, 11 times more than the first episode, proving the explosive popularity of the show.

‘YG TREASURE BOX’ has surpassed a total of 130 million views on VLIVE and YouTube, while the global fans are paying keen attention on the birth of YG’s next generation boy groups.


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