BLACKPINK Appears on ABC’s ‘Strahan and Sara’… ‘Overtakes Major US TV Programs’


Following their appearances on CBS’ ‘Late Show’ and ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’, girl group BLACKPINK proved their strong presence as a global girl group by appearing on ABC’s ‘Strahan and Sara’, overtaking major TV programs of the US.

On February 15(local time), BLACKPINK grabbed the hearts of local fans who gathered in Times Square with their eye-catching performance of ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ and a fluent English interview on ABC’s ‘Strahan and Sara’.

ABC’s ‘Strahan and Sara’ revealed BLACKPINK’s performance of ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ and their interview video through the program’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Prior to the interview with BLACKPINK, the host welcomed BLACKPINK, the girl group who’s writing a new page in K-Pop history, by introducing, “They set a milestone with their album ‘SQUARE UP’ by achieving the highest chart success in K-Pop girl group history, along with reaching the highest number of views on YouTube in K-Pop group history”.

BLACKPINK introduced themselves in fluent English and replied to various topics from their ‘official lighting sticks’ to their ‘North America tour’, proving themselves prepared as a ‘global girl group’. The group also displayed their professional attitude by exchanging jokes with the host without being nervous.

The host mentioned ‘Coachella’, after revealing that BLACKPINK has been invited by ‘Coachella’ for the ‘first time as a K-Pop girl group’. ROSÉ shared her thoughts by stating, “It reminds me of the music, hot weather, amazing bands and artists, and a floral garland” and added, “I’ve always dreamt of the festival, and it’s an honor to be invited as a performer”.

When the host flowed up by stating, “Many Blinks are curious about BLACKPINK’s comeback schedule”, JENNIE replied, “We’re currently working on a new album. I would like to say it will be released soon”, raising curiosities on their new album. ROSÉ also raised expectations on their new tracks by adding, “We’re working hard in the studio every day”.

The group also revealed their love towards the fans by mentioning the ‘North America tour’. JENNIE chose ‘meeting the Blinks’ as the most exciting point of their upcoming ‘North America tour’, while ROSÉ revealed her affection towards the fans by stating, “I like it when our fans’ faces brighten up”. She added, “The best thing about a tour is that we can make our fans smile and that they are truly happy”. The audience responded with cheers.

Global media and press have spotlighted BLACKPINK, who took over major US TV programs including not only ‘Strahan and Sara’, but also ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and ‘Good Morning America’.

ABC News introduced, “BLACKPINK made their US morning show debut through ‘Good Morning America’” and added, “The group has over 18 million subscribers on YouTube, while their MV is racking up immense numbers of views”.

‘E! News’, one of the largest US entertainment news, spotlighted BLACKPINK’s global popularity which shook Times Square by writing, “BLACKPINK presented an amazing performance of “DDU-DU DDU-DU’ in front of numerous fans and studio audience, who gathered in Times Square, New York to watch BLACKPINK appear on ‘Good Morning America’ live through the electronic display”.

Furthermore, they mentioned, “The group’s UMG Grammy Artist Showcase performance got on the list of Twitter’s global real-time trend” and forecasted, “According to these passionate responses on BLACKPINK, their upcoming US tour is expected to set a successful start”.

US Billboard also spotlighted the group’s global popularity by writing, “As the excited fans are waiting for BLACKPINK’s performance during ‘The Late Show’, the hashtag, ‘BLACKPINKonLSSC’, got on the global social media real-time trend list”. The Rolling Stones praised BLACKPINK’s skills by writing, “All members of the group shined on their appearances on US broadcasts by performing rap and vocals with high notes.

While firmly showing their presence in the US by appearing on the most popular TV shows day by day, BLACKPINK will perform at ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’, the largest music festival of the US, for the first time as K-Pop idols on April 12 and 19. Following their performance at the festival, the group will go on their North America tour consisted of 6 concerts in 6 cities starting in Los Angeles on April 17 which will follow up in Chicago on April 24, Hamilton on April 27, Newark on May 1, Atlanta on May 5, and Fort Worth on May 8.


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