Kim Do Young Becomes the 3rd Member of the Second Boy Group Following Mashiho & Ha Yoon Bin


Kim Do-young was selected as a group member of the second boy group from ‘YG Treasure Box’ after Ha Yoon Bin and Mashiho.

YG Entertainment revealed a posted of its official blog confirming that Kim Do Young is the third member if the new boy group from YG’s Treasure Box.

Kim Do Young started dancing while he was on his 3rd grade at elementary school, participating as a member of Treasure A team during the YG Treasure Box competition, the youngest of Team A which includes Kim Junkyu, Choi Hyun Suk and others.

YG Yang Hyun-suk producer, commented on Kim Do Young’s dance at the end of the month, saying, “It’s a style these days. It seems to be a dance that makes physical features look good. “

Kim is a third-year trainee who came to YG this year at the age of 16, but was recognized as a potential boy group member.

Kim Doo-young showed enthusiastic performances as a team member during ‘YG Treasure Box’ semi-finals , and went on to the top of the team competition to advance to the finals, but eventually caused the fans’ disappointment because he could not join the debut team. He is still in high school, but he became a member of the second group of YG next generation with his outstanding skills.

As a result, YG has selected 7 members of the YG Gem Box as a member of the YG Next Generation Boy Group ‘Treasure’.

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk made a surprise announcement through his personal SNS to reveal a second group of 6 trainees, making Kim Do Young as a member  to make a debut.

‘YG Treasure Box’ is a program that creates the next generation YG Boy Group following Big Bang, WINNER and iKon. The first VLIVE broadcasting started with 150,000 live viewers until it holds a record 1.72 million later on.

The remaining three members of YG’s new Boy Group will be announced on the ‘YG Treasure Box’ VLIVE channel until the 4th.


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