On the January 31 airing of SBS‘ ‘I’ll Win You Over With My Channel,’ Song Min Ho and P.O. joined as the guests.

Song Min Ho, who was originally preparing to debut in Block B, made his debut in the group BOM instead. He explained, “My debut in Block B fell apart due to contract issues, so then I entered and made my debut under a startup company. At the time, I couldn’t even dream of winning 1st place on music shows. We had a party just for the fact that I was able to go on a broadcast.”

P.O. commented, “During the time of Min Ho’s debut, we ran into each other on the day Block B won 1st place. All the members cried so much. We couldn’t even perform.” Song Min Ho said, “Block B members were watching my stage and it felt weird. Zico hyung cried a lot.”

P.O. then revealed, “At the time, Min Ho wrote the lyrics but the company registered someone else’s name for the royalty.” 

Song Min Ho explained“I mention my former company in my song ‘Fear.’ I didn’t even earn a dime there. I wrote the lyrics to 5 songs in the mini album but my name didn’t even go up and they talked as if not putting my name is normal.”



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