WINNER’s Interview With Billboard, “We Earned Positive Energy Through the Tour”


Group WINNER revealed their thoughts and different feelings on completing their North America tour.

Recently, Billboard revealed an interview of WINNER along with a favorable review on WINNER’s overseas tour. 

Billboard wrote, “WINNER completed their first-ever North America tour in success”. They added, “In addition to the various genres of music including catchy Tropical House, Dance, and Hip-Hop along with group and individual solo performances fascinated the local fans”, making a favorable review of the group’s concert in New York. 

The members talked about their thoughts on completing the 7-city North America tour, musical changes since making debut, New Year plans, and about music through their interview with the Billboard. 

MINO shared his gratitude towards Inner Circle as a ‘fan lover’ he is, by stating, “We received positive energy through the tour”. The members added, “We were touched by the fans who dance along with us in the audience seats”. 

On the question, ‘How has your approach to making music changed over the years’, YOON answered, ‘When we were young, we wanted to wanted to present mature music. But nowadays, we try to present youthful and vibrant feelings that suits us in our age”. 

Allure also revealed an interview with WINNER, spotlighting the group’s fashion and Music. Allure favorable reviewed WINNER by writing, “WINNER has firmly established their unique style and presence in the K-Pop scene for the last 5 years” and added, “Each individual member has different and unique charms to love about”. 

WINNER answered to various questions regarding the ‘favorite style during the recent tour’ and ‘skin care methods’ faithfully. MINO chose his unprecedented hairstyle which reminded people of Einstein, while JINU chose his blue colored contact lenses, revealing their satisfaction on the continuous image transformation. The members also passed on their skincare know-hows by recommending facial packs.

In the end, YOON hinted about the group’s comeback by stating, “We started working on our new album after our first-ever North America tour has ended. We are receiving a lot of inspiration from our fans”. 


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