‘YG TREASURE BOX’ MASHIHO Becomes Member of Second Boy Group Following HA YOON BIN


MASHIHO from ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ became the second member of the new boy group following HA YOON BIN.

On January 31 at 11 AM, YG Entertainment officially announced that MASHIHO is confirmed as the second member of the new boy group by uploading the according poster through their official blog(www.yg-life.com). MASHIHO from group J displayed a strong presence from the first monthly evaluations by being placed in the top ranks. He was a skilled trainee who was part of the first debut group with YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK’s selection, while maintaining his spot in the group during the battle against competitor KIM SEUNG HUN, with his soft vocals.

YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK has previously announced he will form another group comprised of 6 new members from ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ through his social media account. The announcement that 6 members will be chosen for another group in addition to BANG YE DAM, HARUTO, SO JUNGHWAN, KIM JUN KYU, PARK JEONG WOO, YOON JAEHYUK, and CHOI HYUNSUK, who confirmed their debut as group ‘TREASURE’, is grabbing the fans’ attention.

The first episode of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ which premiered through VLIVE started with 150 thousand live viewers, while the 10th and final episode reached 1.72 million live viewers, which is 11 times more than what the program reached on its first episode. The related videos of the show have also accumulated a total of 130 million views, proving the heated global popularity of the show surpassing initial expectations.

The members for YG’s new boy group following HA YOON BIN and MASHIHO will be announced through the ‘YG TREASURE BOX’ VLIVE channel until next month on the 4th.