YG YANG HYUN SUK “Anda, First Artist of YGX”… Reveals Profile Picture Himself ‘Definition of Chic Beauty


YG Entertainment’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK raised anticipation on Anda, the first female solo artist of YGX.

On February 20, repetitive YANG HYUN SUK wrote, “Anda, YGX Entertainment’s first artist / singer @anda_kiss” on his social media. 

In addition, he asked for the people’s support on ‘What You Waiting For’, the collaborative song by producer R.Tee of The Black Label and Anda, by adding hashtags such as “#Anda #RTee X Anda #What_You_Waiting_For #20190306#RELEASE #THEBLACKLABEL #YGX #YG”.

The pictorial photos of Anda revealed by representative YANG HYUN SUK grabbed the viewers’ attention in an instant. Anda revealed her chic yet sexy charms in the black and white photos. 

Anda is an artist who representative YANG has been keeping an eye on and has amazing charms and solid skills, enough so that he ordered YGX to sign her himself. With the start of the upcoming collaborative project, YGX will continue to release Anda solo songs to firmly establish her position in the K-Pop scene as a female solo artist in 2019. 

The collaborative song, ‘What You Waiting For’, will be in the form of Anda singing on a track composed by R.Tee. The song has a high degree of completion as it was regarded as one of the new candidates for BLACKPINK’s upcoming project. 

Furthermore, since YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK has previously notified that YG will be in charge of the song’s promotion, the entire K-Pop scene is paying keen attention on R.Tee and Anda’s collaborative project.

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