YG Entertainment’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK noticed WINNER’s comeback.

On February 25, representative YANG HYUN SUK wrote, “WINNER finished recording their new album !! #WINNER #YG” on his social media. 

jpIn addition, representative YANG HYUN SUK uploaded a screenshot of his group chatroom with WINNER. The profile picture showing representative YANG HYUN SUK and WINNER’s friendly atmosphere was also impressive.

In another photo, the conversation between representative YANG HYUN SUK and WINNER grabbed the viewers’ attention.

Representative YANG HYUN SUK wrote, “I’ll make you laugh until here for today. Good luck on the recording”, sending his friendly and affectionate support. The members of WINNER responded by sending cute emojis. 

Moreover, the notice of WINNER’s comeback raised the fans’ anticipation. WINNER has swept music charts last year with ‘MILLIONS’, ‘EVERYDAY’, and ‘FIANCÉ’ from MINO’s solo album, while receiving love from many fans. The people are paying keen attention on what kind of new songs WINNER will present through their upcoming comeback.