YG Entertainment’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK revealed his special love for his son.

On February 25, representative YANG HYUN SUK uploaded multiple photos on his social media with the caption, “MY FRIEND ..MY SONWITH HIS ONE & ONLY FAVORITE SINGER GD #YG”.

One of the photos showed representative YANG HYUN SUK and his son walking from behind. The friendly atmosphere of a father and son holding hands together grabbed the viewers’ attention.

Other photos showed representative YANG HYUN SUK’s son eating an ice cream adorably, while G-DRAGON is hugging him. It has been known that representative YANG HYUN SUK’s son is a fan of G-DRAGON. 


Representative YANG HYUN SUK has showed off his extraordinary fatherhood through multiple photos of his son. Previously, he has grabbed the people’s attention by revealing photos of his daughter. His son’s love towards G-DRAGON as a fan was also passed on to the people through the post, delivering cuteness.

Meanwhile, representative YANG HYUN SUK has married singer Lee Eun Ju and has 1 son and 1 daughter as children.

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