The powerhouse vocalist has re-shifted a harsh K-pop spotlight to reclaim her career with an ambitious-yet-grateful attitude: “I feel even more thankful.”

The first thing Park Bom wants you to know is that she is OK. The next thing she wants you to know is that she’s excited about releasing music again for the first time after years away from the scene. But first: The person behind the music.

Walking into a conference room inside the quiet, private Seoul apartment village where Bom has been living now recalls the poignant power of her newly released comeback single, “Spring.” In the gospel-tinged ballad’s moving visual — which scored a reported two million views in its first 10 hours — Bom is the glowing sun in a solar system of backup dancers, commanding viewers’ attention not with over-the-top diva antics, but an aura of confidence. She delivers lyrics wondering if, after depression and pain, “spring will come to heart again,” lines that mirror an all-too-real story about whether a cultural gaffe would end her decade-long singing career.

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